Wednesday, September 1 2021

Posted by Mandee on August 31, 2021   |   22 Comments



Bench Press   E3MOM

 10 – 5 – 5 – 20

*Going for 20rep max*

1 Round For Time: (18min cap)
25/20 Barbell Push-ups   MRX 20/15 Push-ups

20 Body Weight Deadlifts
25/20 Barbell Push-ups   MRX 20/15 Push-ups

Rest 1min

2 Rounds For Time:

20 Body Weight Deadlifts
25/20 Ring Dips   MRX 20/15 Bar Dips

Rest 2min

1 Round For Time: (compare to 1st round)
25/20 Barbell Push-ups   MRX 20/15 Push-ups

20 Body Weight Deadlifts
25/20 Barbell Push-ups   MRX 20/15 Push-ups

Core & Chest Development

20 DB/KB Bench press
20 Barbell Sit-Up to Press
20 Barbell or Banded Good Mornings

20 Band Pull Aparts Across Chest




Labor Day Schedule!

Monday, September 6th: 7am, 815am, 915am, 1130am and 1230pm classes

All other classes are canceled. 


22 responses to “Wednesday, September 1 2021”

  1. Danielle says:

    That’s a strong woman!!!
    You continue to surprise me, sister! Your determination is motivational and i am thankful to have you in my corner cheering me on!!

  2. Nathaniel says:

    Another bad a** CFHSV momma throwing down through pregnancy! Kaylynn has been tough and smart with her training as she prepares herself and her baby for a healthy life. It never stops amazing me how y’all maintain through it all. Kaylynn and the rest of the moms out there training their body and minds through pregnancy is inspiring, motivating, and further proof that moms are the best!

  3. Adela Faust says:

    Beautiful and strong!!

  4. Mandee says:

    Kaylynn has been a committed, dedicated athlete for years, and she hasn’t let pregnancy slow her down a bit. She’s been putting in enough work for two, and she continues to make health and fitness a priority for both her and that sweet baby. I’ll never get tired of seeing mamas-to-be celebrate their health and fitness and show off how tough they are. Way to represent for all the hard-working, expecting mothers, Kaylynn! You rock! ?

  5. Katie A says:

    Way to be, mama friend! Thankful for that precious life inside that belly and under that barbell!

  6. Coop says:

    There goes my baby mama! I’m so proud of you! You are such an amazing mama. You are doing things I could never imagine doing! Moms are the best. You and Mini Cooper number three throw down! Love you

  7. Hal says:

    A. 145

    B. 3 rnds scaled life (bar dips) ??

    C. Complete

  8. BP says:

    205 for 20
    16:23 RX @205

  9. Beth says:

    Kaylynn is a dedicated hard working athlete who is strong and devoted. She is an amazing woman whose talents do not stop at Crossfit. She is a very talented singer and devoted Mother. I have a lot of respect for Pregnant Mother’s who continue to do crossfit. Keep up the good work Kaylynn.

  10. Justin says:

    11:48 rx@185

  11. Jason Morgan says:

    A. 135-155-175-135
    B. 3rd Rx

  12. Kim G says:

    A. 55-75-85- 17@75
    B. 3+6 @130
    scaled 20 ring dips to 10 bar dips- all else rx

    Kaylynn brings so much joy and energy to class while setting the bar high both inside and outside the gym. She’s almost full term, and I’m still eating her dust!
    Keep on keeping on, Kaylynn ??‍♀️?????‍♀️

  13. Bailey says:

    Kaylynn doesn’t let anything get in her way. She’s determined, hard working and gets after it in every workout! You are truly inspiring, keep up the hard work!!
    A. 105 (20)
    B. 3+ 43 rx

  14. Nathaniel says:

    Modified WOD today – E5MOM for 5 sets

    – 15 cal bike sprint

    – 25 hip extensions

    – alt between 25 reps of one arm DB bench press and one arm DB strict press @50lbs

  15. Mandee says:

    A. 105 (20)
    B. 10:38 RX

  16. Bradley says:


    10:58 Rx

  17. Duke says:

    175-9. Yes I know. That’s pitiful n8
    16 deadlifts in the last round. @215

    Body weight deadlifts not fair

  18. Bo says:

    I think I was so unimpressed with my ring dip abilities that I forgot to post this morning. Misty and Aaron- thanks for your help.

    A: 135 x 17
    B: 2+43 rx

  19. Josh Kennedy says:

    A: 185-205-215-165
    B: 16:00 Rx
    C: complete

  20. Lauren says:

    Truly one amazing Mama! She is an inspiration!