Wednesday, September 6 2017

Posted by Mandee on September 5, 2017   |   26 Comments



Strict Press = 5 – 3 – 2 – 2 – 1

    18 minute AMRAP:
-9 HSPU  RX+ Parallette HSPU   MRX 2/4″ rise
-9 Russian KBS   32/24kgs    MRX 24/16kgs
-9 Bar Dips   RX+ Strict Ring Dips
-9 Russian KBS
-9 KB Push-Ups   MRX Regular Push-ups
-9 Russian KBS

Core Development
-30 to 50 Right Knee to Left Elbow & Left Knee to Right Elbow Plank Tucks
-50 to 100 Sit-ups (any style, can mix up)
-Handstand Walk Practice = Accumulate 50 to 100ft of Walks or 50 to 100 Handstand Wall Forward or Rear Facing Shoulder Taps



Friday Night FIGHT! This Friday, September 8th at 515PM! We WILL have childcare starting at 430PM. Partner WOD! For details, see post from Tuesday, September 5th.

Our regular 515PM and 615PM classes on Friday are canceled.

26 responses to “Wednesday, September 6 2017”

  1. Haley says:

    My girl Jamie Flynt!!! Strongest woman I know with a heart of gold! Love you lady!

  2. The Batman with Hair says:

    That Saucy Lady So strong!

  3. Damian says:

    One if the nicest and funniest people I know…. but holds too many TTS meetings (so I’ve been told).

  4. WendyWW says:

    The woman, the myth, the legend… Love her!!

  5. Heather C says:

    Awesome and strong, this lady!

  6. Duke says:

    I always tell coach stearns that the day a girl can lift more than me is the day that i will quit crossfit…..Lets just say I had to eat my words.
    Have a great day Jamie….

  7. Courtney says:

    Jamie Flynt one day I want to be able to deadlift your strict press. Every day I want to be your boo.

  8. Summer says:

    Fedddvuullll homie!

  9. Paul Pepe says:

    That is one bad to the bone woman…with a heart of gold. Love me some Jamie!

  10. Dani says:

    A loving and kind heart that is truly unmatched. Just like her PRs 🙂
    Love you friend!!

  11. Kim G says:

    I don’t know Jaime very well but I always enjoy what she has to say and what others say when she’s on the website! Keep up the great work!

  12. Nathaniel says:

    Flynt ain’t just a river in Alabama. Jamie is one. of. a kind. Jamie is golden to the core and can CrossFit too. You absolutely ROCK in every way homegirl ?

  13. Mandee says:

    Oh, I could never, EVER say enough how much I love this amazing woman! The awesomeness she displays as a CrossFitter is not even a fraction of the awesomeness she is as a person! And let me tell you, she is one bad to the bone CrossFit stud. Thanks for sharing your heart, energy and love for life with CFHSV Jamie. You da best! ☺️?

  14. Matt says:

    The baddest!

  15. Steve Price says:

    Boys beware ! Flynt will embarrass you if you’re lifting next to her. But don’t be to hard on yourself, just eat humble pie and know that’s “Jamie Flynt” !!! Nuff said!

  16. George C says:

    Saucy is here to chew bubble gum and kick ass, but I hear she’s all out of gum…better look out!

  17. Tracy says:

    That’s my girl. Love you more than I love my luggage ?

  18. BP says:

    Oooooh yeaaaa!! The Macho Queen Jamie Flynt can snap into a barbell…

    A. 150-165-175-175-185
    B. 4+4 RX

  19. Clair Lee says:

    Love this lady and her enthusiasm for CF and the CFHSV community! I always enjoy the opportunity to be around her and work out with her.
    A. 75(5)80(3)85(2)85(2)90(1)
    B. 4+22 Rxd- Shoulder smoker!!
    Thanks John for the coaching!

  20. Bradley says:

    Jamie Flynt is one of my favorites. She comes in with a smile on her face ready to rip a barbell to shreds. Keep rocking stud!

    A. 140(5) – 150(3) – 160(2/2) – 165(1)

    B. 4+3 Rx+

  21. Allison says:

    Jamie won’t take the credit – but I STILL would not have toes to bar if she had not.been my Open judge. So Awesome!?

  22. Matt says:

    A: 165(5) 175(3) 185(2) 185(2) 195(1)
    B: 4+27 RX
    C: Complete

  23. Jamie Cherrypicker says:

    Thank you all for making CFHSV my second family!!
    A. 125 (5)-140 (3)-150 (2)-150(2)-170 (pr)
    B. 5+15 scaled

  24. fleming Sharp says:

    Jamie… it’s about time for some fri morning appointments girl! Miss yo crazy strong self!! That strict press is sick!! Not to mention the hpc pic! Way to go!

  25. Justin says:

    5+1 rx+
    You are awesome Jamie. Always encouraging everyone.