Friday, 17 August, 2012

Posted by Mandee on August 16, 2012   |   11 Comments

Warm up:

200m run

10 push ups

200m run

10 air squats

200m run

10 sit ups

review rowing technique



500m row x 4

rest 5 minutes between efforts



A. In 20 minutes, find a 1RM high bar back squat

B. In 20 minutes, find a 1RM bench press

C1. reverse hypers 3 X 10, rest 30 second

C2. evil wheels 3 x 10, rest 30 seconds

11 responses to “Friday, 17 August, 2012”

  1. AP says:

    0600 Swim WOD is on!
    w/u: 1 x 400
    A. 5 RFT of
    50m swim
    20 Push-ups
    20 Squats
    Rest 5 min
    B. 10 x 25m Sprint “Pop-outs” (sprint finished when your feet or butt are on the deck)
    Sets 1-5 on 60seconds, sets 6-10 on 90 seconds
    c/d: 100 easy (your choice)

    Or Part B could be Marco-Polo or Gator in the deep end…

  2. Stacey says:

    Get intents or get out!!

    I know no one will get that, should say intense, but it’s funnier to say intents.

    Great pic!

    Happy birthday, Nathaniel

  3. Brady says:

    I think I need to learn to distribute my energy a little better while rowing, since my first 100m are intense and I loose a lot after that to find that pace. Oh well, it was better than last time.

  4. Kerri says:

    GOOD to be back!! After 2 weeks off, no exercise, and reincorporating dairy and grains (and some chocolate) back into my diet, I was worried about coming back…. Today, I was encouraged that sometimes it’s good to take a break!

    1:40.1 (PR); 1:52.8

  5. Misty Capps says:

    Crossfit Destin…I must say it made me appreciate crossfit huntsville even more!

    SDHP 65#
    Box jumps
    Toes 2 bar

    12:34…. Nice way to start a rainy day at the beach : (

  6. steve price says:

    time/damper: 1:34/7, 1:45/8, 1:47/6.5, 1:43/10, It would have been interesting to see what I could have done if I had started the first round at around 9 or 10.

  7. James Stranahan says:


    2 C&J EMOM for 3 min @ 70% 145#
    Rest 2 min
    2 C&J EMOM for 2 min @ 75% 155#
    rest 3 min
    3 BS EMOM for 3 min @ 75% 195#

    For Total Overall Working Time:

    2 Min AMRAP 135# Power Clean 20 rep

    -Rest 1:00-

    200m Run
    20 Box Jumps, 30/24″
    15 HSPU scaled to box PU
    200m Run
    10 KB Snatches (10 each arm), 55#
    5 10 second Parallette L-Sits
    200m Run

    -Rest 1:00-

    2 Min AMRAP of 135# Push Jerk 6 rep


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