Friday, February 5 2021

Posted by Mandee on February 4, 2021   |   20 Comments



15min Build Up:
3 Rep Max Push Press (from floor) 

Open WOD 12.3

18min AMRAP:

15 Box Jumps   24/20″   55+ 20″ Step Ups OK

12 Push Press   115/75   55+ 95/55
9 Toes to Bar

Core Development

30 Butterfly Sit-ups
1min High Plank Hold
1min Left Side High Plank Hold

1min Right Side High Plank Hold

1min Low Plank Hold

30 Band or Barbell Good Mornings




Nutrition Class: Saturday, February 13th: 10AM
Free to all CFHSV members! (Family members welcome as well)



20 responses to “Friday, February 5 2021”

  1. Hal says:


  2. Mandee says:

    Dan is a total stud of an athlete and an even better person. He moves well, is super strong and skilled, and makes everything look easy. He’s got a laid back attitude and is always friendly and easy to be around. Great athlete, great guy ? Keep after it, dude!

  3. Nathaniel says:

    Dan is too smooth in everything he does. He’s a natural gifted athlete with strength and mobility. He makes it all look easy. Dan is also a gentle guy that’s easy to root for and great to have in class. He moves uncommonly well and he’s uncommonly kind. Keep makin it look easy stud!

  4. Secret Admirer says:

    He is the man. Strong man ?

  5. BP says:

    7+8 RX

  6. Josh Kennedy says:

    A: 175
    B: 6+10 Rx
    For some reason I can remember doing this WOD in the 2012 Open. It sucked then and it still sucks now! 🙂

  7. Duke says:


  8. Regina says:

    6+9 Rx

  9. CJ VK says:

    220 / 7+23 rx

  10. Jason Morgan says:

    A. 165
    B. 6+25 Rx

  11. Bailey says:

    A. 145 (3)
    B. 10+6 rx

  12. Bradley says:

    A. 205

    B. 10+24 Rx

    Dan is as good as they come. Great athlete who is strong and skilled, but he is an even better dude. He is easy going, has a great family, and is as mean as they come during a WOD. Keep it up stud!

  13. Clair says:

    90/6+4 rxd
    Happy Friday CFHSV! Thank you Bradley for the coaching!

  14. Chris N says:

    A. 220
    B. 9+4 Rx

  15. Mandee says:

    10 rounds for time:
    1K Bike
    10 single arm SDHP 35lbs
    10 single are hang power cleans 35lbs
    10 bar facing burpees

  16. Kim G says:

    A. 90
    B. 5+11 Rx