Friday, March 6 2020

Posted by Mandee on March 5, 2020   |   11 Comments



5 x 5 Pause Deadlifts   E3MOM

*3sec pause at Top, TnG at bottom

Master Qualifier Workout 1 2019

3 Rounds For Time:
15 Deadlifts   225/155   Teen/55+ 185/125

35 Overehead Squats   75/55   Teen/55+ 65/45
90 Double Unders

*one bar, athlete responsible for load changes*


3 Rounds For Time:
15 Sumo Deadlift High Pull   95/65   RX+ 115/75   MRX 75/55
20 Overhead Squats
15 Box Jumps   24/20″   RX+30/24″   MRX 20/18″

11 responses to “Friday, March 6 2020”

  1. Jamie Cherrypicker says:

    I know that smile haha. Steve is launching that weight into orbit.

  2. Nathaniel says:

    Ain’t nobody like em…Steve Price is a prince among men. Steve said it best about CrossFit – “We’re getting younger not older”. Steve has continued to grow in strength, stamina, flexibility, health and overall fitness after years of CrossFitting. He’s a great ambassador for CrossFit and CFHSV. We wouldn’t be CFHSV without ya buddy!

  3. Mandee says:

    Steve locked and loaded, looking strong as always! If you know Steve, you love Steve. There’s just no other way around it. Thanks for adding so much positivity, encouragement, fun and love to CFHSV, Steve! Keep being you ?

  4. Paul Pepe says:

    This man is a blessing. Good man, good father, good friend, great firefighter, great crossfit athlete. Always seeking to be better at all he touches. We are lucky to have him at CFHSV.

  5. Matt says:

    Steve Price is authentic. He is an original. He is strong. He is a real life hero. He is bad to the bone!

  6. CJ VK says:

    The human hydraulic lift. Tsssss.

    225 across
    15:37 rx

    My jump rope broke 5 min before we started the wod. Carolyn was kind enough to let me use hers – thank you Carolyn.

  7. Bradley says:

    It doesn’t get any better than Steve Price. He is an absolute stud, and one of the best parts of CFHSV. My day is always better when I cross paths with the Tree Trunk.

    A. 315 across

    B. 10:48 Scaled

  8. Kim G says:

    A. 125 across
    B2- 10:59 scaled to 55#

  9. Nathaniel says:

    Masters Qualifier WOD – 14:51 rx

  10. steve price says:

    Thanks ?? everyone for the kind words!!
    Great people at CFHSV and Great coaches!!!