Monday, 19 September, 2011

Posted by Mandee on September 18, 2011   |   13 Comments


20 seconds of ball slams, 20 seconds of wall balls, 20 seconds of med ball cleans; Rest 1 minute x 3



With a 6 minute running clock:

40 Kettlebell swings 1.5/1 pood

40 Kettlebell sumo deadlift high pull 1.5/1 pood

Row for meters


Rest 12 minutes


4 rounds for time:

3 Front squat 135#

3 Thrusters 135#

3 Shoulder to overhead 135#

12 pull-ups



Spend remaining class time rolling out on a foam roller



Back squat 6 x 3-5 @ 30×0; Rest 2:00

Split squat 5 x 8 @ 30xo; Rest 30 seconds

A1: Barbell good mornings 3 x 15 @ 2121; Rest 10 seconds

A2: Reverse hypers 3 x 8-10; Rest 1:00

3 x AMSAP Ring FLR; Rest as needed


CrossFit Verve Tour” with Matt ChanCrossFit Journal preview video [wmv] [mov]

Melissa Lopes and Eric McKenna’s “Hair Vs Hair” competition for Fight Gone Bad 6 – video [wmv] [mov]


13 responses to “Monday, 19 September, 2011”

  1. Tracey says:

    Looks like a good wod!!!

  2. Gina Terry says:

    Looking forward to it!

  3. Carson says:

    Love the programming. Hate I’m missing this week!

  4. Meghan says:

    Man! I overslept this am–so ticked that I missed this one! Did powerlifting WOD @ globogym (which I probably needed more anyway.)

  5. Jane says:

    Made it to 355 meters on the row, 7:22 @ 65 lbs for the lifts/pullups. Back is finally feeling better but I am easing back into the weight. All the lifts were unbroken, and the first round of PU unbroken. Great coaching this am from Tracey, Dean and Gus!

  6. Larry Lowe says:

    WOD1: 687m rx

    WOD2: 5:58 scaled to 95lbs

    Great WOD!

  7. Tasha W says:

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    We will have CFHSV team t-shirts available for an additional $10 for our team members to wear during the race. There is a sign up sheet at the gym for t-shirts or you can email your size to Tasha (tasha.wiley@qinetiq-na.com or tashawiley@ymail.com). CFHSV members can pay cash, check, or can charge their t-shirt to their MBO account. Non CFHSV members can pay cash or check for their t-shirt.

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  8. Ron Wood says:

    381m rx’d
    7:23 scaled to 115lbs

  9. Slade White says:

    I’m just glad none of us got malaria or something from the nasty tire water. 🙂

  10. DaveC says:

    Looks like powerlifting night for me.

  11. steve price says:

    WOD #1 Rx’d 674 meters
    WOD #2 135# 3 rounds + 5 (scaled to jumping pullups) The problem with this was you were back to the bar way to quick. Wasted time bent over looking at the bar!
    Arms were pumped with blood after first WOD and 12 minutes sure did go by quick. GREAT-TOUGH-WOD!!

  12. Tasha W says:

    This is why I’m glad I hang out with peeps who are as interested in overall health/exercise as me!

    Read this.


    “Research published in scientific journals has found that obesity appears to be socially contagious. For example, Harvard Medical School researchers found that your chances of becoming obese are 57 percent greater if you have a close friend who is obese. Researchers at Arizona State University also found that women who had someone in their social circle who was overweight or obese were more likely to have pounds to lose too.

    If your friends are overweight it makes it easier to accept your weight, even if it’s more than what you’d really like to weigh. In addition, your eating and exercise habits may be impacted by what your friends want to eat and do socially.”

  13. Mac says:

    801m rx’d.

    5:51 @ 115