Monday, 20 February, 2012

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90 Seconds of jump rope

3 Rounds:

5 Ring rows

3 Man makers

Then review MU Transitions and scales



Three rounds for time of: 7 Muscle-ups 35 pound Dumbbell thruster, 21 reps

Rob Orlando 4:57, Kristan Clever 6:58, Rebecca Voigt 8:34, Andrea Ager 8:41. Post time to comments.



A. Squat clean. Front Squat., 1.3. x 4 sets; Rest 5:00

B1. Back Squat 3-3-3 @21×1; Rest 10 seconds

B2. Kettlebell swings 3 x 30 unbroken reps; Rest 3:00

C. Reverse Hypers 3 x 8-10; Heavier than last week! Rest 1:00


Rob Orlando on today’s WOD – video [wmv] [mov]

“Three Rules” with Greg Amundson by Again Faster Equipment – video [wmv] [mov]

9 responses to “Monday, 20 February, 2012”

  1. VOD:
    Therefore do not be anxious about tomorrow, for tomorrow will be anxious for itself. Sufficient for the day is its own trouble. Matthew 6:34

  2. AP says:

    Scaled to 3 MUs and 30 pound DB Thrusters

    Shoulders, traps, lats, biceps, you name it, it’s sore.

  3. Lactate Burn says:

    Hello BAD A** CFHSV CrossFitters,
    Today’s lesson deals with the questions coaches receive regarding why do we have mandatory rest built into some of our WODs and how can we improve our Creatine Phospate (CP) pathway. No we do not get asked specifically how can we improve our CP, it is more along the lines of how can I improve my Barbara, 400m repeats, Lynne, etc…

    When we perform high intensity, high motor recruitment WODs utilizing strength and power the CP and glycogen/glycolitic systems become depleted and these are limiting factors in our performance. In order to perform at maximum performance/intensity we need a majority of our ATP-CP to restore.

    CP is replenished in the cells by the oxidative processes (loving that O2) and for full replenishment it can take up to 8 minutes on the average person. Of course CFHSV athletes are NOT average people.
    However, half of our CP is replenished within 30 seconds. A rough timeline for CP replenishment looks something like this:
    50% by 30 seconds,
    75% by 60 seconds,
    87.5% by 90 seconds,
    and 93.75% by 2 minutes.
    Basically by 3 minutes, over 98% of the CP is replenished.
    So the answer to question one “why do we have mandatory rest built in to some WODs?” For repeated performance we need adequate time to replenish CP to perform at maximum intensity. If not we are performing in a fatigued state and will not reach maximum intensity/performance.

    Now as BAD A** CFHSV CrossFitters how can we improve our Creatine Phospate (CP) pathway?
    To improve our availability of CP for near-maximum-intensity performance, short-duration activities, that rely on the ATP-CP system, we need to increase CP stores in our muscles.
    The academia world tells us resistance/weight lifting and sprint training has been shown to increase CP at the same rate that muscle mass increases. What I say to this is yes and to go a step further, lift hard, run/row hard, hit the CFHSV WODs with intensity and consistency and take the breaks/rest periods when programmed in to the WODs.
    Now get out there and CrossFit CFHSV style! Train Hard, Train Smart, Train to Survive!

    PS, the Snake is a professional programmer for this style of training!

    • Meghan says:

      Aaaaaahhhh. The biochemist in me is smiling Lactate Burn. You had me at Creatine Phosphate Pathway:)

  4. Mandee says:

    Daniel!!!! BEAST!!!

  5. Brian says:

    Almost a fun WOD today..


  6. Jane says:

    12:40. Able to link the first two MU and then quickly had to scale back to MU attempts, the MU transitions. It’s one of my 2012 goals to rx MU in a WOD…just not gonna happen today! Thanks Tracey for all the coaching cues!

  7. Mac says:

    11:58 scaled to 5 muscle ups per round – Mac

    7:40 scaled to ring rows / triceps pushups / 12# thrusters – Haley

    challenging but fun workout.

  8. Tye says:

    7:13 rx