Monday, 25 July, 2011

Posted by Mandee on July 24, 2011   |   39 Comments


Group med-ball toss



5 Rounds each for time of:

5 Heavy Touch and Go Deadlifts

3 rounds of:

5 Burpees

5 Box Jumps, 24″

Rest 5 minutes between each round



Sit quietly for 3 minutes



3 x 10 Back Extensions

5 x 5 GHD Sit-ups



Box Squat @ 55%


3 x 10 Reverse Hypers

3 x 12 Barbell Good Mornings

2 x 10 Broad Jumps




Number 1 and Number 2: A Day of Training” with Graham Holmbergand Rich Froning Jr.CrossFit Journal preview video [wmv] [mov]

“I CrossFit Because . . . ” from CrossFit 516 (NY): Video.


39 responses to “Monday, 25 July, 2011”

  1. Josh McGuire says:

    Tasha! I want your abs and I would also like you on my corner should I ever get in a “bar fight”!

    This workout looks outstanding.

  2. ErinB says:

    Looking good, Tasha!

  3. Tracey says:

    babies momma !

  4. Ben says:


    “There just haven’t been enough large studies to satisfy experts”


  5. AJ says:

    Hi guys! Just wanted to post real quick and say how much I appreciate all of the support I have gotten from all of you. I’m staying positive through this current challenge and knowing that a rowdy bunch like you guys all have my back has helped more than anything to remain positive. Thank you for the encouraging messages, zone meals, other prepared meals and most importantly your prayers. Please kill some WODs for me; I’m going through CF withdrawal!!!!
    Oh, and Tasha-LOOKING GOOD!!!!

  6. Tasha W says:

    My face = PAIN CAVE! That WOD was hot and brutal.

    Amanda, we love you!!!

    CF Peeps, the link to the Jarrett’s “Take Them a Meal” schedule for the month of August is posted below. PLEASE consider signing up to take them a meal. I’ll say it again – Amanda is always the first one to smile and cheer others on, and right now we need to return that love!

    The link is below.


    Recipient Last Name: Jarrett
    Password: 321

  7. Eric Hedges says:

    Todays WOD total FAIL on my part! Mentally was not in the game.

    Justin way to kill it!

  8. Dennis says:

    Yesterday people were tearing up the max weight push-ups and LYNNE. You are all strong. Keep hitting it hard. I was so stoked to see everyone pushing it so hard yesterday.

    I have posted a link to a video below, it is not about bacon nor an epic meal (not that those are raunchy), that will hopefully motivate and let some see a form of strong. PS focus on the content not the advertisement of the federation. Come join us for some fun and strength acquirement.


  9. Tye says:

    275lb :59, 295lb 1:01, 315lb 1:01, 325lb 1:07, 335lb 1:09

    Great work to 0600, it’s awesome to see that many people motivated to improve themselves every morning. Great way to start the day.

  10. Justin says:

    Deadlifts 315-335-345-355-315
    Times were 59s, 61s, 77s, 95s, 77s

    I watched that froning holmberg video the other day. The amount of training those guys do is crazy. There is no way my body could handle anywhere close to that kind of volume.

  11. Brady burpee lover says:

    DL 215
    scaled 1:50-2:15
    I really underestimated this WOD – the 5 min rest ruined me cause it was hard to get motivated again after that long of rest.

    Great work in 0600!

  12. I float like gravity, never had a cavity says:

    Love, love, love this kind of programming. Great job Jake!

    My legs are trashed from Manion and then mt biking on Saturday. This helped flush ’em out.

    DL @ 225
    1:11, 1:19, 1:17, 1:15, 1:19

  13. David says:

    Looking forward to 4:30, this weekend’s training involved taking the Jet9 on a ride around Goat Trail, and Mountain Mist. Was going to do a few climbs up Toll Gate Trail but lost the chain and didn’t have my tool. Had to walk out. Sunday was better, did a road ride 65 miles with a Cecil Ashburn and Bankhead climb. 2 weeks to go. We’ll see how it goes at 11,000 feet. Maybe i’ll score some Epo from one of the nephrologists. JK.

  14. Carson says:

    I have a love/hate relationship with this programming. WTG Jake for challenging and pushing us!
    DL @ 155.
    2:45, 2:52, 3:38, 3:38, 2:41 (34:11)
    This is one of those workouts where you have to have someone yelling at you. Thanks to Brady, Matt, and Aaron for yelling at me! I’m pretty sure that’s why my last round was my fastest round.
    Awesome work 0600!

  15. Carson says:

    So…can someone repost how to have a pic loaded with your post? I know it was posted a while back….but I need a refresher…
    Thanks in advance!

  16. Matthew says:

    This workout was tough, but i like the programming.
    Don’t have my notebook in front of me but will est.
    1:30, 1:30, 1:30, 1:40, 1:45 #195

  17. DaveC says:

    I’ve recently started attempting DUs during WODs, and the result each time is an exquisite shredding of calf muscle tissue. The DOMS from last Friday is just getting into full gear and I am definitely looking forward to all the jumping around tonight. Can’t wait.

    • DaveC says:

      Scaled to 20″ box. Min-max 1:52-2:14. Last split was second-fastest, so happy with the consistency. Stayed at 50% of max on deadlift (135#) which is far below a true crossfitter load, but one of my main objectives was to stay conscious. Succeeded, but not by much!

  18. Rich C says:

    DL @ 185
    1:02, 1:10, 1:17, 1:30, 1:31

  19. Jason says:

    185# 1:34 1:21 1:59 2:34 PUKEY! Thanks Jake, I haven’t seem him in a long time.

  20. Meghan says:

    Great programming! This was tough. DL @ #175. Times ranging b/n 1:33 and 2:00. My legs were rubbery. Nice effort from 0600 crew!

  21. Larry says:

    Crossfit Smash in Canberra, Australia

    5 rounds:
    3 squat cleans
    max rep handstand pushups

    60kg/14, 70kg/11, 75kg/8, 80kg(1)/8, 75kg/8

    I should have tried 80kg again. I short changed my clean and couldn’t get under it on the second rep and bailed. Good workout. Some of the athletes remembered me from last time I was there in November.

  22. Robert S. says:

    Kettlebell Swings (36kg = 2.25 pood)
    Box Jumps (24 in)

    4:34 rx’d

    I saw the 36kg Kettlebell and figured I’d give it a go.

  23. F a Burpee says:

    Deadlifts 365-385-405-405-405

    Splits 1:23 – 1:24 – 1:37 – 1:42 – 1:51

  24. Kerri says:

    These busted up shins saw a DL/Box Jump WOD, and said NO to bounding on an off 20″. Using the 12″ box and doing it right, helped give me a little confidence back!
    2:01(2rds of 20″/then 1rd of 12″)-1:29-1:40-1:42-1:41
    Very deceptive WOD!

  25. Don says:

    First WOD in 11 days with not much practice (but some) at home. Great to be back! 1:46 – 2:16 with last round 1:57. 205 #DL and 20″ box. Good thing I partnered w/ Gus, he kept my head in the game.

  26. Patrick says:

    DL: 295#, 1:11/1:22/1:20/1:20/1:18

  27. Ben says:

    I hate that I missed powerlifting but I had to work late.

  28. James Stranahan says:

    DL 225# 1:55 – 2:26 scaled to 12″ box