Monday, 25 Oct, 2010

Posted by Mandee on October 24, 2010   |   11 Comments

Tag team style- Person 1 sets out on a 150m run carrying a 20 pound medicine ball while Person 2 performs as many Sumo-deadlift high-pulls with a 2 pood Kettlebell as possible. When Person 1 returns, switch and repeat . Continue for 15 minutes. Every minute on the minute,  perform 5 push-ups.

Post total number of SDLHP to comments.

Event 2 at the Team Rogue Vs. Team Again Faster Tahoe Throwdown – video [wmv] [mov]

Strong light and cancer

Question of the day: What is the most creative you’ve ever gotten while making up a workout outside of the gym?

11 responses to “Monday, 25 Oct, 2010”

  1. Ramsay says:

    When visiting my sister in Chicago, her gym wanted a ridiculous amount for a visitor’s pass; instead of going home, I took her to the park and did a CF style workout (in the rain-BTW). It was comprised of burpees, pushups, dips, lunges, ect. She said it was a better workout than what she would have done in an hour at her gym. THEN on the walk home, we found a $20 bill on the ground- I said, “See it pays to do CF!” 😉

  2. Justin says:

    Teamed up with Ron
    266 as rx’d

  3. Carson says:

    Teamed up with Devonne, and she did some excellent work on the 20kg KB this morning!

    I did as rx’d and Devonne only scaled the KB.

    Total: 155 SDHPs

    Everyone in the 6am class did awesome work this morning!

  4. Carson says:

    Also, I know I’ve asked several times after looking at the board what a particular benchmark workout consists of. Well, I finally found the list of them on the CFHQ site and I thought the link might help anyone else asking the same questions:


  5. Penelope says:

    Kyle & Penelope, 253 (as rx’d)

  6. Patrick says:

    QOD: Litvinovs or LitviSprints
    Requires minimal equipment and can be done outside, HoboGym or GloboGym. It’s a simple couplet of a big lift followed by a run. 3 rounds of Front Squats and 400m runs. Can be done for time or with 3-5 min rest between rounds. 25-30 KB/DB swings works well and is easy to transport to a track or the treadmill section of a GloboGym. The LitviSprint version is the same only you sprint away from the bar for 5-10 seconds instead of running the full 400m. My favorite version is to take a KB to the base of a roughly 30yd hill and on the last swing heave the KB as high and far above my head as possible as I take off on the sprint. Gives a little motivation to get my ass moving and hell it’s just fun to throw the damn thing.

  7. Brian says:

    Brian and Sean – 196 as Rx’d

  8. Rich C. says:

    Teamed up with Nate
    206 as rx’d

  9. Ramsay says:

    Teamed up with Lauren- 208! WOW what a WOD!