Monday, December 18 2017

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In 15 Minutes establish a 1 RM weighted Pull-up (chin over bar) and a 1RM weighted Dip.
Work on Strict Pull-up and Strict Dips or Kipping if no weighted pull-ups or dips

100 Reps For Time of: 

-Thrusters  95/65lbs   RX+ 115/75   MRX 75/55


Every time you set the bar down, complete 10 Pull-Ups  RX+ 10 C2B

*Cannot rest bar on back, can only rest in front rack or locked out overhead*

Core Development

-30 Hip Extensions
-30 Evil Wheels
-2 x Max Handstand Hold (facing wall on one, and facing away on other)

22 responses to “Monday, December 18 2017”

  1. Mandee says:

    Oh yeah! Emily is a seasoned CrossFitter who has been putting in the work for years! She’s always kind and encouraging to others and is always working hard! Keep it up stud! 😁

  2. Matt says:

    Bad to the bone!

  3. Nathaniel says:

    Emily N is a gentle soul that crushes WODs with a dedicated pursuit of longevity in fitness and health. She’s a treat to have in class and can CrossFit anything. Emily makes our day at CFHSV 🙂

  4. Rest it on your back! says:

    That promises to be a suck-festivus!

  5. BP says:

    70# Pull Up
    53# bar dip
    13:28 rx

  6. Josh Kennedy says:

    A: 35# DB for pull-up and bar dip. First time weighted anything in over a year and well before the shoulder surgery, so pleasantly surprised by these.
    B: 18:25 scaled. 95# thrusters, sub’ed 5 strict pull-ups as penalty. Did it in 10 rounds of 10 reps, so got in 50 strict pull-ups as well.
    C: Complete, 1min each for HS holds, that sucked

  7. Courtney Shoemaker says:

    Emily, when you come through the door you give it your all, every time. You’re an awesome partner, a strong lady, and one of the sweetest people I know.

  8. CJ VK says:

    A. 75# pullup 50# ring dip
    B. 15:34 Rx

  9. Justin says:

    70 pullups/150 ring dip
    14:42 rx+

  10. Clair Lee says:

    A.49# pullup/15# bar dip(Totally forgot about the bar dip till last 30 sec):-(
    B. 16:12Rx
    Thanks for great coaching and the push this morning!

  11. Yes, I wore those socks with those shorts says:

    You guys are too sweet. I’ll need that motivation to make it through those thrusters 😳. But you forgot to mention my dedication to Reese’s Cups, wine, and banded pull-ups. Grade A commitment.

  12. John Hand says:

    Open Gym:
    A. 72/72
    B. 14:09 Rx+

  13. Jamie Cherrypicker says:

    The bars and wallballs usually try to hide from Emily because she’s a beast!

  14. MH says:

    42.2 / 55
    12:31 RX+
    Loved this workout!

  15. "I'm just not that good at double-unders." says:

    A. 20 pounds on pull-up(PR)
    98 pounds on ring dip (PR)

    B. 92 RX @ cutoff; thanks to Dave and Carolyn for pushing me to finish.

    C. Completed

    It was awesome to have Coach Misty helping out with class today. Some folks just seem to make a good coach and I think she is one of them.

  16. Jeremy M. says:

    1:30pm Open Gym (Today’s Wod):
    A: E2MOM for 5rds –
    5 Pull-ups + 5 BarDips (Both w/53# KB)
    B: 12:25, RX (15/10/10/10/10/13/12/10/10)

  17. Devonne says:

    My shero!! Thanks for always being supporting of me Emily! You are an amazing athlete…and someone we all can look up too ❤️❤️!!

  18. Cam says:

    132 weighted pull-up PR
    No dip
    13:50 rx

  19. Zac J says:

    At work:

    70lb weighted pull-up
    130lb weighted bar dip


  20. Daniel Lynch says:

    A. 53/28
    B. 24:17 Rx