Monday, January 21 2013

Posted by Mandee on January 20, 2013   |   17 Comments



A. In 20 minutes build up to a 1RM 3 second pause front squat

B. For time and load:

1 squat clean to 5 front squats

25 pull ups

1 squat clean to 4 front squats

20 pull ups

1 squat clean to 3 front squats

15 pull ups

1 squat clean to 2 front squats

10 pull ups

1 squat clean to 1 front squat

5 pull ups


17 responses to “Monday, January 21 2013”

  1. Eric says:

    After todays Berry’s Barbells I will be back on Tuesday!

  2. Mandee says:

    Kellie! Sonia! Tracy! Katie! Looking good ladies!! 🙂

  3. OkieDB says:

    This is what I am talking about right here. Bunch of strong ladies front squatting. Awesome, Totally Awesome!

    CFHSV Athletes we just had a bunch of 101 athletes graduate, let’s welcome them into their new classes the great way you always do.
    Train Hard, Train Smart, Train to Survive!

  4. Katie G says:

    LADIES representing!!! Droppin’ it like its HOT 🙂

  5. Josh Kennedy says:

    A: 225#
    B: 8:08 with 155#

    First time at the 7am class today, good way to start the day off! Happy Birthday to Scott Rauer, turning 37 today (again; superior coaching as usual from OkieDB.

  6. Bradley Futch says:

    A. 205

    B. 8:20 @ 165

  7. JMAC says:

    Thanks to the holiday it was my first time with the 0900 class. Thanks John for the coaching.

    A: 175lb pr

    B: 8:33 @ 95lb

  8. Lee says:

    A. 215lb pr
    B. 8:38 rx’d at 145lb
    Great coaching by John.

  9. Nathaniel says:

    A. 250

    B. 6:33 @ 205

  10. steve price says:

    A. 300#

    B. 9:09 @ 165#, scaled pullups to a lower number of reps.
    High volume pullups are still a weakness I need to work on!!

  11. Sonya Wintzell says:

    I represented the 101 class at 5:30 tonight. Hope to see more of “our class” this week. Remember to squat low and elbows out!!

  12. Justin says:

    5:50, started at 205 and had to drop to 185 on the third round

  13. Patrick says:

    A. 275#
    B. 205#/6:38