Monday, June 24 2013

Posted by Mandee on June 23, 2013   |   23 Comments

915 row915 row bw

915 after row bw915 after row




Complete the following Chipper for time:

15 squat clean thruster 95/65

20 T2B

25 box jumps 24″/20″

30 hand release push ups

35 ab-mat unanchored sit-ups

40 double unders

35 KBS 24/16kg

30 stationary lunges alternating 45/35# plate

25 goblet squats 24/16kg

20 pull-ups

15 ring dips

23 responses to “Monday, June 24 2013”

  1. CoachDB says:

    Those are some bad-to-the bone CFHSV Female Athletes. Do NOT Mess with them or they will MESS You UP!

  2. Fleming sharp says:

    This Is Hysterical!! I Love It…We All Went Full Out! Go 9 Am:)

  3. WendyW says:

    Love this–Best pictures I’ve seen in a long time!!!

  4. SabrinaP says:

    I thought I was going to puke!

  5. Eric H says:

    15:44 Rx+ used 2 Pood for KBS and Goblet Squats!

    Great work 0700, Mike was my rabbit and kept me hustling.

  6. Scott says:

    Great pic !!

    One thought regarding today’s WOD: 3x Single Unders is NOT a “scale” for a Double Under. It’s a punishment. Let’s just start calling it what it really is. And, yes, after 8 months of crossfit, I still can’t string DUs. ugh.

    • Eric H says:

      No worries Scott I just now can link five or six after two years. Take your rope home and set aside 15-20 minutes a night to work on it. The neighbors will look at you funny…but who cares.

    • George says:

      You still attacked the WoD like a warrior poet. BTW, thanks for the advice on the squat/clean/thrusters. I was still spazzing on them, though. It’s like a golf swing right now: too much to think about.



    • George says:

      Just realized you’re a different “Scott”. Disregard.

  7. Foster says:


  8. Dean the machine morse says:

    Glad Aaron was there, I needed a rabbit to chase today, you killed it Aaron!
    Also, that is the best set of pics I’ve ever seen on this site, that’s awesome! You ladies are no joke!

  9. AP says:

    Rx’d 13:56

    Lunch class got after it today. Dean, thought for sure you were going to catch me on the push-ups or sit-ups or KBS or goblet squats or take your pick 🙂 Thanks for the push!

  10. Adam Campbell says:

    24:04 rx

  11. Lisa says:

    Steve and I dropped in on Crossfit Ocean Isle Beach today. Tough WOD:
    3 rft
    30 sqt cleans 95/65
    30 pull ups
    800m run
    We both scaled somewhat heavily and still busted the 25 min cutoff.
    It was no “travel WOD”!

  12. Scott Rauer says:

    16:16 Rx

  13. David M. says:

    12:11 Rx’ed, barely held off Mac. If there had been more pullups he would have smoked me. Good work 4:15!

  14. Justin says:

    14:55 rx’d

  15. Mac says:

    12:34 rx David you are awesome.

  16. Josh McGuire says:

    12:09 rx.
    SO good.seeing everyone today. You all don’t know how lucky you are to be coached by Dennis B everyday! He is the best!

  17. Jamie says:

    26:34 scaled a few things. Saw McGuire kill it!
    Not a fan of chippers but I do’em anyway.