Monday, November 26 2018

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5 RFT:
5 Power Cleans   135/95   MRX 95/65

10 Front Squats
5 Jerks
20 Pull-Ups   MRX Ring Rows

Rest 90sec between each Round

U.S. Army First Sergeant Michael “”Hammer”” Bordelon, 37, of Morgan City, LA, assigned to the 1st Battalion, 24th Infantry Regiment, 1st Brigade, 25th Infantry Division (Stryker Brigade Combat Team), based out of Fort Lewis, WA, died on May 10, 2005, from injuries sustained when a car bomb exploded near him in Mosul, Iraq on April 23, 2005.  He is survived by his wife Mila; children Mike Jr., Jacob, and Johanna; mother Dolores; and sister Doreen Scioneaux.
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20 responses to “Monday, November 26 2018”

  1. Nathaniel says:

    Sumo that weight!! Chris goin heavy and hard is the norm for this seasoned CrossFitter. He’s done nothing but show out since showing up at CFHSV. Great work and keep reppin it dude!

  2. Mandee says:

    Chris M is a super nice guy who is also a well rounded, hard working athlete. He always gives it his all and makes big weight and tough WODs look easy. Keep it up, Chris! 🙂

  3. BP says:

    18:06 RX (rest included)

  4. Nathaniel says:

    12:50 rx

    R1 – :55
    R2 – :56
    R3 – 1:11
    R4 – 1:30
    R5 – 2:04

  5. Sam W says:

    16:28 RX

  6. Kim G says:

    23:41 scaled to 75# and 10 pull-ups-10 ring rows each rd

  7. Mel D says:

    16:14 rx

  8. Clair Lee says:

    14:44 scaled to 75#
    Thank you for the coaching and push, Nathaniel and Dustin.

  9. @CJVK says:


    Wasn’t ready for all of that this morning

  10. Jamie Cherrypicker says:

    13:27 scaled to power clean, strict press, ring row @ 75

  11. mandee says:

    13:00 RX

  12. Wes B. says:

    19:06 Rx
    Got my tail kicked

  13. Chef Tyler says:

    15:51 Rx

    (I thought I could do all the pull ups unbroken, and Brad didn’t so I did it! And now my arms are stuck at 90°!)

  14. Bradley says:

    13:41 Rx

  15. Mo says:

    12:09 rx

  16. Misty says:

    Chris! This guys lifts big every day! Great athlete who’s always pushing the limit. Keeping showing us how it’s done!

  17. Cam says:

    19:57 rx