Monday, September 5 2016

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“The Love of Labor” by DB

For Time:

4 push press  135/95   (MRX 95/65)

5 back squats  135/95   (MRX 95/65)

6 power clean  135/95   (MRX 95/65)

100m run

7 push press  135/95   (MRX 95/65)

8 back squats  135/95   (MRX 95/65)

9 power clean  135/95   (MRX 95/65)

200m run

10 push press  135/95   (MRX 95/65)

11 back squats  135/95   (MRX 95/65)

12 power clean  135/95   (MRX 95/65)

400m run

13 push press  135/95   (MRX 95/65)

14 back squats  135/95   (MRX 95/65)

15 power clean  135/95   (MRX 95/65)

800m run

16 push press  135/95   (MRX 95/65)

17 back squats  135/95   (MRX 95/65)

18 power clean  135/95   (MRX 95/65)

1200m run



We will have FIVE classes today!

815AM, 915AM, 1130AM, 315PM, and 415PM

All other classes are canceled.

Childcare WILL be available for all classes EXCEPT the 130am.

28 responses to “Monday, September 5 2016”

  1. Nathaniel says:

    Laid out!! Milton brings the pain to every WOD and leaves it all on the floor. Keep it up Stud!

  2. Mandee says:

    Milton! This picture and this man embody all that is awesome about CrossFit! Keep killing it Milton! 🙂

  3. KOBRA says:

    Milton. Go. So. Hard.

    Keep getting after it Milton!

  4. bwm says:

    Milton!!! You are such an inspiration! You and Linda make me proud to be a part of CrossFit! You always give it your all! Keep it up!!!

  5. Maude says:

    Milton I am so proud to have you and Linda at CFHSV. Since you’ve both started I’ve watched in awe and admiration. You are both studs! I can see it in your walk when you come in the gym!

  6. Damian says:

    Nothing but love and respect.

  7. Mimi says:

    I have no more excuses since Milton and Linda joined CFHSV. It’s amazing to watch Milton work out and Nate, hats off to you for being there every step of the way for him!

  8. Steve Price says:

    Milton setting the standard ! Go hard and give it your all! Now what you gonna do CFHSV?

  9. Haley says:

    Milton!!! Truly inspiring.

  10. Allison says:

    Milton & Linda so glad you are at CFHSV. Keep showin up and showin out!

  11. David Mc says:

    F***ing A rock,F***ing A roll. I have ever met you but I have heard about you. All I can say is that is the best pic ever since I have been at CrossFit Huntsville.

  12. Bradley says:

    That’s what I’m talking about Milton! Keep it up stud.

  13. Josh Kennedy says:

    This photo just went into CFHSV All-Time top 3 cover photos. RESPECT.

  14. Kim G says:

    I am in awe of Milton’s fortitude. He is tenacious and never ever yields to a difficult WOD! We are glad to have you! Keep it up!

  15. Paul Pepe says:

    Ya know. I was not planning to train today until I saw this pic of Milton. I’ll be right there……:-)

  16. CoachDB says:

    I have seen many videos of Milton in action and am always awestruck. Milton your efforts and desire to not surrender or take the easy way out motivates myself and so many others. You truly represent and this great pic of you will resonate in so many of us to get up, get motivated and train like Milton!

  17. Nathaniel says:

    24:04 rx

  18. Josh Kennedy says:

    35:44 Rx
    MatthewK (my oldest) 36:11 at 75#

    Another great day of programming from Coach DB!

  19. Dani says:

    My heart swells every time I here stories about what Milton can do. seeing this picture is humbling and inspiring. May each of us always choose to think in the terms of “what’s next?” And never “what now?” I love this community and this gym for embracing this. Thank you to the coaching staff for always having a “what’s next” for each of us!

  20. Shana says:

    Milton you are so inspiring to watch. Keep at it!
    29:18 RX

  21. Ryan says:

    Prob the hardest Crossfit workout I’ve ever done

  22. Justin says:

    32:03 rx

  23. Mandee says:

    27:43 RX
    Boy was it HOT! Thanks to those of you hanging around at Open Gym for the encouragement! I needed it 🙂

  24. Jeremy M. says:

    4:15 Class:
    26:56, RX
    – Great class, great warm up Bradley! Tough wod! So hot outside! Milton is the man! A true inspiration and a wonderful addition to the Cfhsv family!
    Saturday, 9/3/2016, hero wod “Maupin”:
    – 33:17, RX, cramped bad after first round.

  25. fleming says:

    Simply amazing to watch Milton. I hope he knows how many people he inspires on a daily basis!

  26. Mac says:

    25:50 rx

  27. KOBRA says:

    32:59 RX