Saturday, December 12 2015

Posted by Mandee on December 11, 2015   |   16 Comments





A. EMOM for 6 minutes: 5 squat clean thrusters

then straight into

6 minutes to build up to a heavy squat clean thruster

B. 12 minute AMRAP of:

40 double unders

20 WBS 20/14  10’/9′  (55 and over 20/10  9′)

10 pull-ups

2 squat clean thrusters 135/95  RX+ 165/115  (55 and over 115/75)

rest 3 minutes

“FINISHER” 1 minute max pull-ups (can come off the bar)


CFHSV Running & Endurance WOD:

Run 1000m , rest 0:30
Sprint 200m , rest 2:00
Run 800m , rest 0:30
Sprint 200m , rest 2:00
Run 600m , rest 0:30
Sprint 200m , rest 1:00
Run 400m , rest 0:30
Sprint 200m , rest 1:00
Run 200m , rest 0:30
Sprint 200m

REMINDER: We will holding our CFHSV Team tryouts for The Big NASTI Weightlifting Competition today at 12pm! Spectators are welcome.
Barbell Club is canceled today.  

16 responses to “Saturday, December 12 2015”

  1. Mandee says:

    Looking good George!! Always working hard! 🙂

  2. Brent P. says:

    George is the man!

  3. Nathaniel says:

    The beard is back but George never left. Animal

  4. Steve Price says:

    George A.K.A. “The Terminator”- is he man or machine? You be the judge!!

  5. Patrick says:

    Good job George !!

  6. Kobra says:

    My man George! Dude is the real deal!

  7. Stephanie says:

    George! He will quietly and super politely kick your butt in a WOD! Looking good Jorge!

  8. Eric says:

    There are many aspects of CrossFit I enjoy, like watching someone transform their life and their body. George you have hit the sport of fitness head on and have become a force to be reckoned with.

    Congratulations on your gains, bettering yourself and your body through CrossFit.

  9. CJ says:

    Consistent hard worker! Keep killing it George.

    A. 165# (squat cleaned 185# but couldn’t hit the thruster!)
    B. 3+32 RX
    C. 18 pull ups

  10. Andrew says:

    George! This dude inspires me everyday to keep working!

  11. Calvin says:

    George is always lifting heavy!

    A.135# (TNG on all. 4 reps on min 4,5,and 6)
    C.3+66 Rx+
    D. 25

  12. Eric says:

    Congrats on the PR’s and heavy lifts today for the big NASTI!!

  13. Matt says:

    I appreciate all the folks who came out to help with the Big NASTI. I was so proud to be invited and I enjoyed seeing so much hard work and fitness on display.

  14. George C says:

    Thank you everyone for the kind words! It’s an honor working out with such great people and working toward the shared goal of improved fitness.

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