Saturday, February 6 2016

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A. In 10 minutes, build up to a heavy thruster and prep/warm-up for WOD.

B. OPEN WOD 15.5

27 – 21 – 15 – 9 reps for time of:

row for calories

thrusters 95/65  (55 and over 65/45)

C. Core Development:

30 GHD sit-ups

1 minute high plank hold

1 minute left side plank hold

1 minute right side plank hold

1 minute low plank hold

30 hip extensions


CFHSV Running & Endurance WOD:

5 x 400m, rest 90 seconds between efforts


22-16-10 reps of:


alternating lunges

abmat sit-ups

*run 100m between sets

11 responses to “Saturday, February 6 2016”

  1. Andrew says:

    I am not sad I am vacation. I still have nightmares of this wod that cause me to cry.

    Global Saturday @ the hotel:
    Dumb bell bench
    Man makers
    Back rows
    7 minutes of burpees: 103

  2. Nathaniel says:

    8:37 rx

    I couldn’t hang with Mac or Justin on this one. They just kept leaving me further and further behind. Nice work by those two dudes and all the others that came back with HUGE PRs from last year. Morgan Otte and Rob Latham off hand but many more…great job on a year of consistent training! Y’all ROCK!!

  3. Morgan O says:

    Thanks Nate!
    Last year- 16:58
    Today- 12:12

    Great wod and great coaching!

  4. Calvin says:

    10:55 RX

  5. Justin says:

    7:56 pr by 17s

  6. Maude says:

    20:43 RX 🙂

  7. Jonathon says:

    Last yr 12:33
    Today 9:53rx
    Thanks Mandee and Nate

  8. BPrice says:

    14:50 RX
    Last year 16:52 RX

    6 hours later I still want to die. Brutal and great week.

  9. Rob L says:

    Last year: 20:51
    Saturday: 17:30

    This one feels like it turns your insides to liquid! Crossing my fingers that they DON’T repeat this one in the 2016 Open.