Saturday, January 26 2019

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Tag Team Races

(only one athlete working at a time; each team gets one Rower or A-Bike)

10min AMRAP:

200m Run (Partner 1) slap hands/switch

200m Run (Partner 2) slap hands/switch

400m Run (Partner 1) slap hands/switch

400m Run (Partner 2) slap hands/switch

Then *Max Calorie Row or A-Bike in time remaining (switch partners as team desires)

Team WOD “Mirror Images” by DB

(both athletes working at a time)

20min AMRAP:

12 Russian Kettlebell Swings (synchronized)
6 American Kettlebell Swings (synchronized)
12 Goblet Squats (synchronized)
6 Burpee Pull-Ups (synchronized)
12 Partner Passing Wallball Sit-ups   20lbs   MRX 14lbs

KBs =   24/16kgs   RX+ 32/24   MRX 20/12kgs



Running & Endurance WOD:

400m sprint, 100m recovery jog

300m sprint, 100m recovery jog

200m sprint, 100m recovery jog

100m sprint, 100m recovery jog

rest 3 minutes

6 x 200m sprints, 100m recovery jog between efforts

rest 2 minutes

1 mile run

*credit Chris Henshaw, Aerobic Capacity*

3 responses to “Saturday, January 26 2019”

  1. Dani L says:

    Dang Cass. Just Dang. You are amazing!!

  2. Nathaniel says:

    Cass at the front of a pack of CrossFitting animals! Keep on the attack CFHSV!