Saturday, June 13 2020

Posted by Mandee on June 12, 2020   |   10 Comments



Push Press to Split Jerk Clusters

2 Push Press to 1 Split Jerk   EMOM x 3min

REST 2min / Adjust Weights

1 Push Press to 1 Split Jerk   EMOM x 3min

REST 2min / Adj Weights

1 Split Jerk   EMOM x 3min

16min AMRAP:

8 One Arm Kettlebell Shoulder to Overhead   24/16   RX+32/24   MRX 20/12
16 WallBall Sit-Ups   20/14lbs   MRX 20/10lbs
8 One Arm Kettlebell Shoulder to Overhead MRX 20/12kgs
64 Double Unders / 200m Run/Row 0.5k Assault Bike(mix up)

Chest & Core Development

2×16 DB/KB Bench

2×16 Evil Wheels
2×16 Dips (ring & bar)

2×16 Banded Push-Ups



CFHSV Running & Endurance WOD:

5000m Interval Run

1:30 run, :30 walk 


10 responses to “Saturday, June 13 2020”

  1. Puppy Babysitter says:

    When I think Cass, I think Cholo. She’ll ask you how you did then complete the workout in half the time.

  2. Chef Tyler says:

    Cass has a heart of gold. She is the hardest worker in the room. She consistently goes out of her way to make people’s day a little better. She is a fierce competitor. She is my best friend ♥️ I am so lucky to call her mine.


  3. MH says:

    Yeah Cass!! Driven in and out of the gym! Love training with this chick! Thanks for ALWAYS pushing me!

  4. Mandee says:

    I know that ponytail! The first time we saw Cass in the gym Nathaniel and I gave each other a look and we both knew exactly what the other was thinking…This girl is an athlete and we knew she was going to be a total stud in no time. And she has certainly lived up to our expectations! Cass puts in the work and unapologetically chases after her goals and dreams. Keep chasing them, Cass! If anyone can get there, it’s you!

  5. Nathaniel says:

    Cool shot of Cass working on her swole game. Cass loves her some CrossFit and she’s always working on her game. She’s in class, open gym, side gym, platform, garage, cycling, running…it don’t stop. Do what ya love and love what ya do!

  6. Melody Adair says:

    Cass!!!! That is one of the hardest workers I know. Keep it up bff ☺️

  7. Joel says:

    Cass is in the gym when I get there and she’s there when I leave. I think she’s living in that little house out front.

  8. Bradley says:


    5+29 Rx+ DUs

  9. Weekend Whack says:

    Rd1 – 115
    Rd2 – 135
    Rd3 – 185

    B: 5+11 RX (Row)