Saturday, March 12 2016

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MOrgan O




A.  “Bring Sally Up” Squats 135/95  or  115/80  or  95/65

B. 5 sprint rounds for time of:

5 shoulder to overhead 135/95  RX+165/115  (55 and over 115/75)

5 back squats

5 power cleans

5 front squats

5 barbell push-ups

rest 2 minutes between rounds

Score = total time minus 8 minutes of rest

C.  Core development:

2 minute high plank hold

25 barbell evil wheels

25 hip extensions


CFHSV Running & Endurance WOD:

A. Row 800m, record time, rest 1:00
Row 200m x 4, 0:15s rest b/w, record time
Rest 2:00
Repeat above sequence
B. Accumulate 2:00 KB/DB wall-sit hold and 40 hip extensions
C. Row 400m x 4, 1:00 rest b/w


REMINDER: We will be hosting the Open at 1pm today! The gym will open at 12:30pm for athletes to start warming up. Barbell Club is canceled. 

10 responses to “Saturday, March 12 2016”

  1. Kobra says:

    Woo baby! Look at that speed and power! Morgan is full throttle!

  2. Nathaniel says:

    Boom!! This Hottie Otte will blow up some weight. Awesome action shot Morgan. One stud athlete

  3. Dani says:

    Oh Morgan this fires me up! You are one amazing woman in the gym. And so sweet! Keep it up.

  4. Amanda Morgan says:

    What are “Bring Sally Up” squats?

  5. Mandee says:

    Oh yeah Morgan looking strong and fierce! Love the determination and fight! Keep it up stud 🙂

  6. Naomi says:

    Looking awesome Morgan!!

  7. Katie says:

    You go Morgan!!

  8. Jeremy Millich says:

    Morgan is becoming the face of CFHSV!! Keep it up girl!!!

  9. Mimi says:

    Morgan O looking awesome and the getting 2 BMU today!!! Congrats!!