Saturday, October 25 2014

Posted by Mandee on October 24, 2014   |   10 Comments




Barbells For Boobs


30 clean and jerk for time   135/95  (55 and over 105/65)


Warm up starts at 830am. The event will start at 9am.

Come support a great cause! And don’t forget to wear PINK!

10 responses to “Saturday, October 25 2014”

  1. Fleming sharp says:

    Good Luck Everyone! Wish I Could Be There..GO Get Grace!

  2. George C says:

    Good luck CFHSV!

  3. Haley says:

    Good luck everyone! The McCraw’s wish we could be there. Have FUN!!! It’s a great event for a great cause! Now go smash GRACE 🙂

  4. Brittnie says:

    Good luck everyone! Wish I could be with y’all. George and I did support the ta-ta’s Thursday this week. George was Rx killing it! Amanda Howard came and supported us and participated, kicking ass in the process.

    Grace, Barbells for Boobs, (10/23/14)
    George Cagle: 135lb 3:13
    Brittnie Cagle: 55lb 3:17

  5. James Stranahan says:

    Good luck everyone!! Wish I could be there!

  6. Don says:

    Thought I was going to be there, not going to make. Best luck everybody!

  7. Eric says:

    Good luck to those who are doing GRACE today. Wish I could be there cheering everyone on and doing the WOD myself. Most important is the money raised for those who cant afford early screening for cancer. Great job to CFHSV organizing the actual event and encouraging all of us to get involved.

  8. Peyton says:

    6:17 Rx (1:31 PR)

    19:22 Kabul Time 25 Oct 2014

    Video coming…

  9. Larry says:

    Crossfit Larry

    5:00 pr

  10. Rob L says:

    7:17 on my first Grace. Loved the atmosphere today!