Sunday, 06 Dec, 2010

Posted by Mandee on December 5, 2010   |   4 Comments

Group Med-ball toss, Then

10 minutes of muscle-up transition practice

In teams of three, complete the following for time:
100 Med-ball-toss Burpees with a 14 pound ball
100 Goblet Squats (72/53 pound Kettlebells)
100 Strict Rings-to-chest pull-ups

Only two members of your team may work at any given time. Post team and total time to comments.

Shoulder mobility work- impingement prevention

Post time to comments.

4 responses to “Sunday, 06 Dec, 2010”

  1. Patrick says:

    Kerri and I were a team of 2… so 75 reps instead of 100.

    The Strict Ring-to-chest pull ups became kipping Ring-to-chest pull ups towards the end… or it would have been Strict hang-on-rings.

    Kerri’s a great partner. Thanks for keeping me moving, I would have sandbagged this one otherwise.

    • Patrick says:

      I’ve had several people ask me lately where to get Rehband Knee Sleeves. They are thicker and better quality than anything I’ve found locally. providing excellent support, warmth and proprioception to injured or arthritic knees. And, they are legal in Highland games, Strongman and USAW competitions (just a useless tidbit, but you never know…) Personally, I prefer the old school blue ones over the newer gray version.


    • Kerri says:

      Good work today Patrick!! I think what got you over the hump, was that quick warm-up, to include the 400m run outside!! BRRRRR!!

  2. Larry says:

    Home workout:
    10 rounds:
    10 ten foot Wallball w/ 20 lb ball
    10 burpee pullups


    Took Friday and Saturday off due to bicep tendon soreness from Nicole and snatch workout