Sunday, December 16 2012

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With a single kettlebell (32kg/24kg) complete the following for time:

21 Turkish get ups, right arm

50 KBS

21 KB OHS, left arm

50 swings

21 KB OHS, right arm

50 KBS

21 Turkish get ups, left arm

Matt Chan 25:06. Bill Grundler 25:49, Moe Kelsey 29:46, Graham Holmberg36:31, Jeff Tincher 44:31. Jeff Vale 48:46. Post time to comments.


5 responses to “Sunday, December 16 2012”

  1. Eric says:

    Will there Oly lifting today at the normal time?

  2. Josh Kennedy says:

    30:44, scaled to 1pd for the whole WOD. I did single-arm KBS (25 each arm) as a variant. That sucker RX’ed would be rough, I just can’t get my lift shoulder or lift hip into position for a KBOHS of that weight.

  3. Eric says:

    This was a tuff WOD I had to scale the TGU and I went 1.5 pood on the rest. 25:21

  4. David M. says:

    Scaled 1.5 pood and did overhead lunges instead of squats. Back is shreaded. Yea for Naproxen!