Sunday, January 21 2018

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4 Rounds For Time:

Run 800m

40 Pull-ups

70 Push-ups

U.S. Army Master Sergeant Jared N. Van Aalst, 34, of Laconia, New Hampshire, assigned to the U.S. Army Special Operations Command, based in Fort Bragg, North Carolina, died August 4, 2010, in Kunduz province, Afghanistan, of wounds suffered while his unit was conducting combat operations. He is survived by his wife, Katie Van Aalst, his daughters Kaylie and Ava, and a posthumous son, Hugh Jared.

10 responses to “Sunday, January 21 2018”

  1. Jeremy M. says:

    My ole Ranger Buddy!! Van Aalst!! He was one hell of a Ranger!! When I was at Bco 3/75, he was our HHC Sniper Platoon Sergeant. He was attached to my platoon for a tour in Afghanistan. Great Ranger, great husband, great father, great man, great human! He eventually moved up to Tier 1 Spec Ops. Then lost his life defending this wonderful country!

    – RLTW

    • Mimi says:

      That’s awesome you knew him! May we all honor him tomorrow to the best of our abilities. RIP

    • Paul Pepe says:

      Will honor this man today. RIP Master Sergeant Van Aalst. Thanks for bringing this home to us Jeremy. PP

    • Magnus says:

      Was planning to stay home and nurse this sinus infection but not after reading this. Will come and honor this warrior with you. RLTW

    • CoachDB says:

      Amen, Ranger Buddy!
      The Real Heroes of this Country are the
      people who believe in it, fight for it,
      defend it, and risk everything to protect it!
      RLTW; RIP Jared

  2. Tyler Layne says:

    Learned a new word, posthumous. So his son was born after he passed. Sad story. Honor him tomorrow!

  3. Paul D says:


  4. Matt says:

    At home gym in TN with Ashley, Heath, and Kent.

    70:14 RX

    RIP Jared

  5. Justin says:

    33:36 rx

  6. Kent says:

    60:32 paying some bills with Matt and Heath… partitioned out the reps each round.