Thursday, April 16 2020

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Click here for WOD brief!

Front Squat     E3MOM

8@70% – 4 @80% – 2@85% – 1@90% – Max Reps@80%

3 Rounds For Time: (15min cap)
21 Pull-Ups or 15 Chest to Bar or 9 Bar Muscle-Ups
21 Push-Ups or 15 Dips or 9 Handstand Push-Ups
21 Back Squats or 15 Front Squats or 9 Squat Cleans
21 Box Jumps or 100 Double Unders or 200m Row/Run/ .5km Assault Bike  Box Height =   24/20″   MRX 20/18

Loads =   155/105   RX+185/125   MRX 115/75

Core & Handstand Development

30ft Overhead Walking Lunges w/55/45/35/25lbs weight plate
30ft Handstand Walk or 3 WallWalks
30ft Bear Crawl

3min High Plank Hold


Click here for Home WOD brief, movement demonstrations and warm-up!

Home WOD

3 Rounds For Time:

21 Rows / Chair Rows

21 Push-ups

21 Weighted Sit-ups

21 Box Jumps/Step-ups  OR  100 Double Unders/150 Singles  OR  200m Run/Row/.5k Bike


In accordance with the recent mandates set forth by the Alabama Governor, CrossFit Huntsville will be closed through April 30th. 



Monday – Friday: 6am, 11:30am, and 5:30pm!

Saturdays: 9am

Check your email for all the details!


37 responses to “Thursday, April 16 2020”

  1. Josh Kennedy says:

    Pull-ups off the deck railing?! We’re not worthy!” ??

  2. adela faust says:

    You’re the best!!

  3. WendyWW says:

    OMG Regina! I love this picture!!! You’re amazing!

  4. Tubram says:


  5. Nathaniel says:

    Been waiting for this one to post. Regina might be on another level here. This is so cool, strong, and tough! Regina has a level of commitment that I’m envious of and motivated by. She’s gotta an inner voice that keeps her going and I’m not sure I could handle hearing that voice. CFHSV is showing out at home and here’s another example. Love it Regina!

  6. Matt says:

    Bad to the bone! That is mental toughness.

  7. Mandee says:

    Come on, if this picture doesn’t get you fired up, I don’t know what will! This is the kind of drive that champions are made of. But honestly, this doesn’t surprise me one bit. Regina is a fighter to her core. She never gives up, never backs down, and pushes herself beyond her limits daily. She’s also incredibly kind, friendly and always encouraging to her fellow athletes as well as her coaches. You rock in every way, Regina!! ?

  8. Clair says:

    Wow! Way to go, Regina! Awesome picture and athlete!!
    A. 8 across @ 75#
    14:55 scaled to 10 strict pull-ups/9hspu/front sq @ 75#/50 DUs
    Have a great day CFHSV!

  9. Nathaniel says:

    A. 185(8) – 215(4) – 245(2) – 300(1) – 225(6)

    B. 14:38 rx+

    -15 c2b
    -9 hspu
    -9 squat cleans
    100 dus

    Bradley came to the gym to work out with me and mandee so it was nice too see him and changed things up a bit. I got to finish 3rd instead of my usual second place each day. Thanks Bradley and Mandee!

  10. Wilma Jackson says:

    I want to be like Regina!

    Awesome picture!!!

  11. Brandi N Cagle says:

    Look at those guns!! Awesome improvise on the pull-ups Regina!!!!

  12. Bradley says:

    That is so awesome. I am so glad I got to see a picture of that. Regina hasn’t skipped a beat while working out at home. She is bad to the bone. Keep working hard stud!

    A. 185(8) – 215(4) – 245(2) – 265(1) – 225(7)

    B. 13:54 Rx+ (C2B/HSPU/Sqt Cln/DUs)

  13. Regina says:

    Oh my gosh, thanks so much for all the encouragement! I really miss everyone! I totally appreciate how CFHSV as a whole has adapted to the current situation and made the best of it. Love ya’ll!

    Strength: 5 sets, 5 reps @85lbs
    WOD: 1+40 (w/push-ups & box jumps) scaled to 15 strict pull-ups and 9 85lb front squats

    • Nathaniel says:

      Way to represent on the site and in the yard! Beautiful day to tackle an outdoor WOD

  14. Jason C. says:

    A. 95(8)-115(4)-115(4)-115(4)-115(15)
    B. 2+61 but finished at 16:04
    15 dips
    21 push ups
    15 front squats 95#
    21 box jumps 24″
    It’s getting tougher to stay motivated doing these WODs by myself in the garage.

    • Nathaniel says:

      Don’t you talk like that or I’ll come by and egg your house dude! It motivates me to see you post every day. Stay on schedule Stud and we all gonna be throwing down together sooner than later. Bout to go buy a dozen eggs and wait and see if you post tomorrow ?

  15. Kim G says:

    A. 65# Tempo FS with pause at the bottom
    10 max reps
    B. Home Wod 19:15
    20# DB rows (not single arm)
    Strict push ups
    65# back squats
    Scaled to 50 DU per round

    This picture has me so pumped! Nothing stops Regina! Not rain, not cold, not the clock, not even pandemics like Rona! She is also one of the kindest and most encouraging ladies ever! I’m so thankful to call her my friend!

    • Nathaniel says:

      Great job with those everlasting tempo squats Kim. Those are brutal. Way to get after it on the WOD too and work those doubles. Awesome!

  16. Don says:

    Did 3 April at home, 16 minute cap, 2 minute rest between rounds: 3 +10 Rx

    6 Over bar burpees
    12 barbell pushups
    12 body weight dead lift at 185 lbs
    6 over the bar burpees

    Slowest round? Last one.

  17. MH says:

    170-190-205-215-190(4 reps)
    9:44 RX+ 15c2b/hspu/squat clean/DU

  18. Mo says:


    13:11rx+ C2B/hspu/ squat clean/bike

  19. Cassarole says:

    A. 8@145, 4@170, 2@190, 1@205; 210!!! PR!
    Then hit 7 for 175
    B. 11:42rx+
    C2b, hspu, squat clean, du

  20. Misty says:

    Regina! Dang, everything about this pic is bad to the bone! Nothing’s stopping you when your mind is set! One of the hardest working CrossFitters I know! So sweet, kind, dedicated and just a beast! You’re definitely walking the walk for those sweet boys of yours! Keep making those gains from home!!

  21. Mandee says:

    A. 155(8) – 175(4) – 190(2) – 205(1) – 175(5)
    B. 12:23 RX+ (c2b, hspu, squat cleans, DUs)

  22. Kent M. says:

    A.) 215/245/255/270/245×4
    B.) 14:57 RX
    21 pullups
    21 pushups
    9 squat cleans @155
    500m Assault Bike

    That one was something in the barn by myself…

    • Bradley says:

      Nice work Kent! That was a tough WOD. Way to get under that cap.

      • Kent M. says:

        Thanks Bradley! Never a good feeling when you get back on the bike and HAVE to sprint the last round….

  23. Josh Kennedy says:

    Got to do the 1730 with Bradley, Sean, Jill. One heckuva nice Spring afternoon!
    -S/WOD: Front Squats, 5×5, E2:30MOM, 3sec full pause at bottom
    Josh: 135# Andrew: 75#
    -Metcon: Home WOD. BB rows, pushups, slam ball SU, run
    Josh: 12:05 with 135# BB and 20# SU
    Andrew: 10:52 with 75# BB and 10# SU
    -Accessory work complete.

    • Bradley says:

      Nice work Kennedys! Way to bring the energy. Josh, I do want to correct your score. You were 11:05. Sorry if I yelled that wrong.

  24. JJ Millich says:

    A: 185(8)-215(4)-245(2)-275(1)-225(5)
    B: 10:53, RX @155#
    (pull-ups/push-ups/squat cleans/bike)