Thursday, April 2 2020

Posted by Mandee on April 1, 2020   |   35 Comments


Click here for WOD brief!

Power Snatch to Hang Power Snatch Build UP     E2MOM

2 – 2 – 1 – 1 – 1 

21min AMRAP:

15 Calorie Row or Assault Bike or 60 Double Unders
13 Kettlebell Swings   24/16   RX+ 32/24   MRX 20/12
11 WallBall Sit-Ups   20/14lbs   MRX 20/10

9 WallBall Shots   10/9′   MRX 9′
1 Power Snatch   135/95   RX+165/115   MRX 115/75
1 Hang Power Snatch 

Core & Snatch Development
31 Right Knee to Left Elbow Plank Tucks

31 Barbell or PVC Sotts Press (snatch grip)

31 Left Knee to Right Elbow Plank Tucks



Click here for Home WOD brief, movement demonstrations and warm-up!

Home WOD:

7 Rounds For Time: (21 minute time cap)

1 minute run/walk or 60 Double Unders/120 Single Unders

13 Swings

11 Weighted Sit-ups

9 Thrusters

7 Ground to Overhead 


In accordance with the recent mandates set forth by the Alabama Governor, CrossFit Huntsville will be closed from Sunday, March 29th through Friday, April 17th. 


35 responses to “Thursday, April 2 2020”

  1. Nathaniel says:

    Dude! Sabrina has been the real deal at CFHSV for years and she’s not skipping a beat now. Thanks for this pic Sabrina ? It’s inspiring and motivating to see these pics of CFHSV and the CrossFit community at large keeping with their healthy and fit lifestyles through these times. Keep kicking up the dirt and dust and pounding the pavement with these WODs. Rock on Sabrina and CFHSV!

  2. Clair says:

    Way to go, Sabrina! I miss seeing you after we finish at 7:00 a.m. and sharing tips with you on how to tackle the WOD at 8:15! Keep up the great work at home!! Love our CFHSV community!!

  3. Mandee says:

    Doesn’t surprise me one bit that Sabrina isn’t missing a beat while at home! This woman has been putting in the work for years, and she has never let any obstacles stand in her way. We are deeply missing see each of you daily, but we are grateful to be able to stay in touch anyway we can. Keep after it guys, stay well and keep moving! ?

  4. Misty says:

    That’s right! Sabrina isn’t changing a thing! Different scenery, different day, different WOD…. but same CFHSV athlete putting in work! Awesome pic and one heck of an athlete! Keep hitting those WODs and posting those scores!

  5. Clair says:

    Home WOD 3+52 scaled to 30 DUs/25lb weighted vest Russian swings/weighted sit-ups with vest/7 thrusters & 9 ground to overhead @ 65#. Decided to go ahead and finish the 4th rd.

    • Nathaniel says:

      Nice work Clair! Way to get the first posted wod of the day in. Great idea to use the weighted vest for Russian swings

  6. CJ VK says:

    Rest day for CJ, arms too sore.

    Smooth brief, Misty. ??

  7. BP says:

    Looking Strong Sabrina!

    Garage WOD Casual recovery day. Super sore

    10 rounds NFT: 10 cal Bike / 5 24” box step ups

  8. Sean C says:

    5 +40 thanks for having the WOD on Zoom it was fun!!! Hope we have more of them!!! Good to see everyone on it!!

  9. Suzanne V says:

    Yes thanks for doing the Zoom WOD. I need the motivation. I had a few technical difficulties at first. Tried to get it on my ipad and then I tried to screen mirror on apple tv. Those were a fail but I got a good workout in anyway. Hope we do it again soon.

    • Mandee says:

      It was so great to see you, Suzanne! Way to get after it!

    • Misty says:

      Awesome work today Suzanne! It was great to see your home gym set up and to see you working hard for 21 minutes!!

  10. JJ Millich says:

    CFHsv workout from Tuesday, 3/31/20:
    A: Front Squats:
    B: 5:19, RX

    • Nathaniel says:

      Mr. Home WOD himself! My man Jeremy has been showin us how it’s done for a long time. Smokin score!!

  11. Mandee says:

    Had a great time working out alongside some of you via Zoom this morning! Made me push harder than I had planned!
    8+60 RX

  12. Regina says:

    Sabrina is so kind and I’m always happy to see her when we cross paths!

    55-65-65-missed 85 on the last two

    3+35 w/double-unders, Scaled to Kettlebell sit-ups, 65 lbs for thrusters (in place of wb’s) and snatches

  13. Charlie L says:

    4+21 scaled to 115 and 45 lb db swings

  14. Don J. says:

    5+13 Scaled to 115, Alternated Rowing & DU’s

  15. MH says:

    Yesterday’s wod 5:19 10-4-10 RX

  16. MH says:

    7+64 RX+ DU and 20 wb

  17. Josh Kennedy says:

    A: Josh working at 135#, Andrew at 75#
    B: Josh Rx 5+0, Andrew 5+93 scaled to 60 singles, 16kg KB, 10# ball, 75# for snatches
    C: Complete. Josh with 45# for sots, Andrew with broomstick.
    Grateful for the equipment loan!

    • Nathaniel says:

      Kennedy’s better wear that equipment out! I don’t expect anything less. Awesome work to you and Andrew, Josh. Stay CrossFit Studs!

  18. Cassarole says:

    Yesterday’s WOD
    185 hang power clean
    7:04 rx (10•4•10) with a rig that Chef Tyler built!

    Miss training with everyone and seeing everyone at the gym. Love all of y’all and the people that you are; each of your personalities and quirks makes training and CFHSV the gym it is. Thank you for the equipment and the stance y’all coaches have made to keep us as fit as possible! Miss y’all a ton. ?

    • Mandee says:

      Great job, Cass!

    • Misty says:

      I see you Cass! Great work! Dang, Tyler built a you rig?! I think that means you’re cooking for the chef for the rest of the quarantine! The gym is definitely quiet without all of you guys in it. We can’t wait for everyone to back! Keep killing those WODs at home and posting your scores!

  19. Kim G says:

    Sabrina is one of the sweetest and most loyal ladies ever! She was also my very first friend at CFHSV! You rock! Love this pic too!!