Thursday, August 22 2013

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A> Deadlift: 3-2-2-1-1-1 E2MOM

B. Complete the following for time of:

10 deadlifts 275/185

10 pull ups

800m run

15 deadlifts 275/185

15 pull ups

400m run

20 deadlifts 155/105

20 pull ups

200m run


*REMINDER* Thursday Night Throw Down at 615pm! Come ready to THROW DOWN!


Upcoming events this Saturday at CFHSV!

10am: Bring a Friend! You do not need to sign up for this WOD on MBO, and it will not count against your weekly visits. If you have more than one friend you would like to bring, feel free! Or, if you have a friend who would like to come, but you can’t make it, send them on their own!

11am: Squat Therapy Workshop! Please sign up on MBO to reserve your spot.


10 responses to “Thursday, August 22 2013”

  1. Stacey says:


  2. Casey says:

    The coaching this morning was beyond appreciated. I especially appreciate when I was told to drop weight to work on my form. Form is so much more important than weight and that can be easy to forget sometimes. Thank you coaches for helping me not only get stronger but more efficient.

  3. Dani Latham says:

    Everybody look sweaty and SWOL! Wooo!!

  4. Fleming sharp says:

    great deadlift Coaching From Tracy Today! Thank Goodness For The DRop In Weight On The 20 Rep Rd! Good Wod!

    • WendyW says:

      Very true Fleming! Well, about the coaching since the dead lifts were not happening for me Rx’d. Tracey kept me honest today & it was all about form–mine needs work!

  5. AP says:

    13:58 Rx’d (unintentionally scaled up to 205 on the 20 reps round…was wondering why 155 felt so dang heavy!)

  6. Nathaniel says:

    9:59 rx

  7. Mandee says:

    12:11 rx’d

  8. Kerri says:

    16:46 Rx’ed