Thursday, December 9 2021

Posted by Mandee on December 8, 2021   |   10 Comments



Hang Squat Clean Build Up   E2MOM

3 – 2 – 2 – 1 – 1 – 1

For Time: (18min cap)
400m Row/Run or 1k Bike
21 Barbell Push-Ups   MRX Push-ups
21 Hang Squat Cleans   95/65   RX+ 135/95   MRX 75/55

200m Run/Row or 0.5k Bike

Rest 2min/add weight

400m Row/Run or 1k Bike
15 Barbell Push-Ups   MRX Push-ups
15 Hang Squat Cleans   135/95   RX+ 185/125   MRX 95/65

200m Run/Row or 0.5k Bike

Rest 2min/add weight

400m Row/Run or 1k Bike
9 Barbell Push-Ups   MRX Push-ups
9 Hang Squat Cleans   165/115   RX+ 225/155   MRX 115/75

200m Run/Row or 0.5k Bike

Flexibility Development

2x30sec Couch Stretch or Modified Couch

2x30sec Head to Floor Straddle Stretch

2x 30sec Banded Shoulder Stretches
2x 30sec Pigeon/Swan/Piriformis Stretch

2x 30sec Chinese Splits

2x 30sec American Splits




10 responses to “Thursday, December 9 2021”

  1. Nathaniel says:

    Mindy ain’t scared of the OHS…matter a fact, she ain’t scared of nuthin! Mindy and the whole family have been a great addition to CFHSV. Mindy has shown toughness and dedication since joining and in doing so has made gains across the board in her fitness and CrossFit abilities. She’s part of the morning crew and she’s always ready. Mindy is polite, sincere, and kind, but I like to see her get mean when it’s WOD time. Keep it up Mindy!!

  2. Mandee says:

    Mindy tackling a tough movement with focus and determination! This young lady has been consistent and committed from the start, and all that hard work continues to pay off in big ways. She’s taken the time and energy to learn things the right way, and has a great balance of focusing on form while still pushing herself to accomplish new things. She’s friendly, polite and a valued member of our CFHSV community! Keep working hard, Mindy! 😃

  3. Brandi Copeland says:

    Mindy killing OHS! One of my favorite people in the 6:00am!

  4. Hal says:

    Mindy is awesome

    A. 245 pr

    B. 17:26 rx

    C. Complete

  5. Bo says:

    Always a joy to work out with Mindy at 0600.

    A: 185
    B: 2+1 rx

  6. Nathaniel says:

    Open Gym ( 35:15 )

    400m row
    42 Russian KBS
    42 Goblet Squats
    42 Ring Rows
    42 GHDs
    200m run

    400m row
    30 Russian KBS
    30 Goblet Squats
    30 Ring Rows
    30 GHDs
    200m run

    400m row
    18 Russian KBS
    18 Goblet Squats
    18 Ring Rows
    18 GHDs
    200m run

  7. Mandee says:

    A. 185
    B. 17:39 RX+ (row)

  8. Eugene says:

    A) 275 (tied a lifetime PM, thanks for the push and vote of confidence Bradley)
    B) 2+13 Rx+ (thanks for ‘convincing’ me to go + Matrice”

  9. JJ Millich says:

    A: 155(3)-185(2)-205(2)-230(1)-245(1)-260(1)
    B: 15:55, RX (Bike)
    Splits – 3:53/4:16/3:46

  10. Mac says:


    17:50 rx+ row