Thursday, January 21 2021

Posted by Mandee on January 20, 2021   |   13 Comments



Clean & Jerks   E2MOM

3 Cleans – 3 Jerks – 3 Clean & Jerks

2 Cleans – 2 Jerks – 2 Clean & Jerks

1 Clean & Jerk – 1 Clean & Jerk

“Mork and Mindy” by DB

3 Rounds For Time: (15min cap)

10 Ground to Overhead   135/95   RX+165/115   MRX 105/70

2 Rounds of:

5 Pull-Ups – 10 Push-Ups – 15 Air Squats

Core & Shoulder Development

25 Evil Wheels
25 Double KettleBell Bottoms Up Press

2min Hollow Hold

13 responses to “Thursday, January 21 2021”

  1. Claudia says:

    BEAST in the gym and such a great mentor through my cadet days to new LT ? big fan!!!!

  2. Mandee says:

    Lewis showing off his skills and making tough movements look way too easy! This dude is a body weight ninja, but he’s got strength and speed to go along with it. He’s committed to his fitness and is always willing to put in extra work to reach his goals. And he’s got a great attitude, friendly disposition, and makes any class he attends a little but more fun ? Keep it up, stud!

  3. Nathaniel says:

    Louie Lew doin his thing on the rings. Ol Lewis aka Choppa’ has more skills than most and is sneaky strong too. He’s a gym favorite for everyone because he’s friendly, funny, genuine, and slick. Ol Leather Bag Louie brings the fun, energy, and effort to tackle anything thrown his way and he makes any class he’s in better. Louie Armstrong is a fan favorite and I’m a big fan dude. Keep representing

  4. Hal says:


    12:27 rx

  5. B. A. says:

    Lewis!! Always working hard and with a smile.

    A. 135-165-185
    B. 8:03 RX (PR by 1:38 from 3/20/2018)

  6. BP says:

    Everyone’s favorite flying school bus pilot

    9:02 RX

  7. Norman Kwofi says:

    Lewis, always pushing himself in and out of the gym. Thank you for the motivation!!

  8. Bradley says:

    Lewie flying high on the rings. This guy continues to get stronger and more skilled. He’s an awesome dude who makes CFHSV a better place. And, he’ll keep you in check if you get out of line. Keep it up stud!

  9. CJ VK says:


    10:31 rx+
    11:20 rx in 2018
    10:45 rx in 2017
    13:22 rx in 2016

    Lewis is a wild man.

  10. Justin says:

    Good dude. You never know what Lewis is going to say

  11. Devonne says:

    14:34 MRx – this the 3rd time I have done this WOD and the first time I have completed it. Feeling happy?.

  12. JJ Millich says:

    Yesterday’s Deadlift Workout:
    A: 225/24kg-275/24kg-295
    B: 11:12, RX bike/run (135/225/295/24kg)

  13. Ada says:

    Oh Lewie. He was the first person outside of the staff to say hello and started introducing me to everyone. Made CF Hsv feel like “home”. He makes muscle ups look so damn easy, too?. love that 5:15 class – the energy pushes me to give my all.