Thursday, January 25 2018

Posted by Mandee on January 24, 2018   |   13 Comments



Front Squat  E3MOM

10 – 10 – 10

For Time:
9 Front Squats  95/65  RX+115/75  MRX 75/55

10 Front Rack Lunges (stationary, alternating)

200m Run or 0.5km Bike or 200m Row
10 Front Rack Lunges
9 Front Squats

REST 2 minutes

10 Back Rack Lunges

12 Back Squats
600m Run or 1.5km Bike or 600m Row

12 Back Squats

10 Back Rack Lunges

Core & Pistol Development

2 sets 15-30 Hollow Rocks
2 sets 10-30 Pistols or Pistol Progressions




Come support our CrossFit Huntsville TEAM at The Big NASTI Weightlifting Competition this Saturday, January 28th at 8AM! 
CrossFit Protocol, Decatur.

13 responses to “Thursday, January 25 2018”

  1. Nathaniel says:

    Trent shows up with a smile, goes hard with a smile, and leaves with a smile. I ain’t figured out yet what he’s smiling about but he sho’ does look good CrossFitting. He’s got a great family and comes from one too. Keep shining!!

  2. Mandee says:

    Trent is truly one of the nicest and most pleasant people I know! He’s always smiling, always friendly, and always a pleasure to be around. He’s also a top notch CrossFitter who’s always pushing his limits. Keep it up stud! ?

  3. Rick says:

    Way to get those muscle ups Trent

  4. Misty says:

    Trent! Such a nice guy and amazing athlete! The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree either… this guy also has an amazing little CrossFit kid that’s following in his foot steps!

  5. BP says:

    Trent is always going 100%, he’s fun to have at 0600

    7:07 RX w/ all bike

  6. Michael Little says:

    I wish my MUs looked like that. Keep killing it Trent!

    6:35 Rx+ (run, run)

  7. Justin says:

    6:48rx+ bike

  8. Steve Price says:

    At the Fire Station w/the guys:
    Front Squat: 225×10, 225×10, 225×10, lower back still tweaked.
    Then 30 burpees, after all those burpee box jump overs yesterday!
    Then old school dual dumb-bell running the rack curls in sets of 4 reps:5,10,15,20,25,30,35,40,45, then back down

  9. David Mc says:

    Happy Birthday Holden Stearns !! I hope I spelled your name right. Give your mother a kiss and your father a swift kick in the nuts for every year of your life today buddy.

    • Steve Price says:

      Happy Birthday Holden!!! And give your dad one extra kick for me and tell him that’s from uncle Steve!

  10. Josh Kennedy says:

    A: 135-185-195
    B: 8:50 Rx. My backside is gonna be sore tomorrow!
    C: Complete

  11. Kent says:

    A.) 185 x 3
    B.) 8:17 RX (row)

    C.) Putting together GHD for the garage…

  12. Bradley says:

    Trent never has a bad day. That guy shows up at anytime with a smile on his face ready to throwdown. Keep it up stud!