Thursday, June 18 2020

Posted by Mandee on June 17, 2020   |   7 Comments



Hang Power Snatch

-3 reps EMOM x 3min

Rest 2min/add weight

– 2 reps EMOM x 3min

Rest 2min/add weight

– 1 rep EMOM x 3min

4 Rounds For Time:
11 WallBall Shots   20/14lbs to 10/9′   MRX 20/10 to 9′

200m Run or Row (can mix up)
11 Hang Power Snatch   115/75   RX+135/95   MRX 95/65

11 WallBall Sit-Ups 

Rest 2min after each round

*Score is slowest round*

Flexibility Development

2x30sec Couch Stretch or Modified Couch

2x30sec Head to Floor Straddle Stretch

2x 30sec Banded Shoulder Stretches
2x 30sec Pigeon/Swan/Piriformis Stretch

7 responses to “Thursday, June 18 2020”

  1. Nathaniel says:

    Lawrence with his feet up between amraps…love it! Lawrence is as regular as they get with his CrossFit. You can count on him M-W-F at 6:15. You can set your clock to it. He’s as easy as they come but the dude Is a grinder in and out of the gym. Keep grinding my dude and one of these days we’re gonna square up one on one on that goal outside ?

  2. Mandee says:

    Oh yeah! A well deserved rest for one consistent, hard working, easy going CFHSV athlete! Lawrence is committed to his fitness and he shows up regularly and quietly attacks every WOD that comes his way. He’s got an easy, laid back way about him and a positive, friendly attitude. Way to be, Lawrence, keep showing out! 🙂

  3. Josh Kennedy says:

    A: Got up thru 150#
    B: 19:30 Rx with 30# medball

  4. Kathy S says:

    Just would not be 6:15 without
    Lawrence. Great pic!

  5. steve price says:

    Lawrence is the man !! Consistently putting in the work and goes hard !!! And just a genuine super fella !!

    20:03 Rx

  6. Lunch time Wall Baller workout says:

    Lawrence is an animal in workout. I try not to look at his scores. They are always about triple what I managed.

    A: 115, 125, 145
    B:19:52 RX (Row)
    Elite coaching gets elite results from average athlete!