Thursday, June 4 2015

Posted by Mandee on June 3, 2015   |   23 Comments






A. In 12 minutes, build up to a 1RM push press

B. For time:

1000m row OR 1200m run (athlete’s choice)

10 double push-up burpees

30 snatch 75/55   RX+ 95/65

10 double push-up burpees

30 pull-ups   RX+ chest to bar

10 double push-up burpees

30 push press 75/55   RX+ 95/65

Score = time and run or row


REMINDER: Our next Friday Night FIGHT is Friday, June 5th at 515pm. Choose your skill level–black, blue or red– and sign up in MBO to reserve your spot! Then come throw down Open style! Our 515pm and 615pm classes are canceled.


Yoga is canceled tonight. We apologize for any inconvenience. 

23 responses to “Thursday, June 4 2015”

  1. Mandee says:

    Lisa T!! Showing off those mad gymnastics skills! 🙂

  2. Misty says:

    Lisa!!! Representing the mad skills of the Matrix coaches!! Not only talks the talk, but walks the walk!!

  3. Matt says:

    Lisa, why you gotta make folks look bad?

  4. Haley says:

    Lisa!!!! Killing handstand walks! Love this beautiful lady 🙂

  5. Mimi says:

    Go Lisa, go!!!!

  6. Patty says:

    Lisa T working hard as always! Sweet, strong, athletic lady.

  7. Jeremy M says:

    Lisa tearing up some HSwalks!

  8. Regina says:

    Nice form, Lisa! You make it look easy!!!

  9. Chelsey says:

    Go Lisa – get it girl!! 🙂

  10. Kim J. says:

    Nice job Lisa!

    A. 140 PR Thanks Nathaniel for coaching me through it!

    B. 18:31 RX+ Run

  11. Jeremy M says:

    A: 245#, 10# PR
    B: 12:46, RX+, row

  12. Duke says:


    B-19:57 RX

  13. TJ says:

    Happy to have finally done all the one rep maxes crossfit has to offer !!!
    B. 14:45 rx+

  14. Adam Mahdi says:

    12:34 rx+

  15. Tracy says:

    A. 120 PR Almost had 130 twice. Next time 🙂
    B. 18:11 Rx row

  16. TJ says:

    I think it was 16:45 im not sure lol

  17. Zac J says:

    13:51 Row RX+

  18. Mimi says:

    A: 110# PR
    B: 20:34 rx with row

  19. Shana says:

    A: 145# PR
    B: 16:47 RX+ (Row)

    Great coaching by Mandee and Kodi!

  20. Josh Kennedy says:

    A rare appearance for me at the 6:15pm class, day was just crazy!
    18:23 Rx+ with run

  21. Misty says:

    A. 115 PR
    B. 19:27 RX+ (run)