Tuesday, 18 Jan, 2011

Posted by Mandee on January 17, 2011   |   26 Comments

10 minutes of Hamstring mobility work, 10 minutes of practice on the C2 rower


Row 2k. Rest three minutes, then accumulate 3 minutes of L-sit. Post 2k time and L-sit time to comments.

Mike G. Learns to Squat“, CrossFit Journal preview video [wmv] [mov]

26 responses to “Tuesday, 18 Jan, 2011”

  1. Russell says:

    The picture of the day is “chorizo Breakfast Hash” An awesome and simple meal created by Robert Simmons at this last weekend’s cooking workshop.

    • Emily D. says:

      and incredibly tasty!!!

      • Ben says:

        Indeed! I think I am going to have to pick up some chorizo.

        I made a version of the brussel sprout dish tonight, except I used a pork chop instead of bacon. Pretty good.

        For future classes, I would be interested in something on dinner dishes.

    • Robert S. says:

      Check out the CFHSV Facebook for the recipe. I just posted it!

      Recipe adjustments are in the comments!

      I’m glad everyone enjoyed it!

  2. Josh says:

    Ben, here is a great site with plenty of meals to choose from. It does not include a sexy Robert Simmons in an apron to prepare them but, it is definitely worth a look. On the subject of “Chorizo”, the stuff rocks and can by added to enhance the flavor of many different items or dishes

  3. Tye says:

    For anybody that wants the zone chart I mentioned on saturday, email me here:

    sigmanu underscore 200 at yahoo dot com

    I checked and I’ve got everything sorted out for oz’s except for the fats.

    7:11 on the row. Had to scale to tuck sits, couldn’t do 5 seconds of an L, after the GHD’s yesterday and the row, my core was done.

  4. Larry Lowe says:

    7:26 row
    10:30 to get 3 minutes of L-sit

  5. Kyle Mosier says:

    7:20 row – I went into this one expecting to pull an 8:00 at best, but my time at 500 was pretty decent, so I pushed to maintain it. Caused me to have to scale to tuck sit afterwards.

  6. Chapa says:

    8:15 row and a whopping 10 minutes to accumulate the 3 minute L-Sit requirement. Need to work on my stamina to get sub-8 on the 2k row. Dang weekend Taco’s!!!

  7. Tracy Roberts says:

    Robert or Tye,

    Please let me know where you guys are staying for the games. I need to reserve a room for me and Em.


  8. Robert S. says:

    Tye, you gonna stay with me and Rich?

  9. Naveen says:

    Went to our gym early to do the 2K Row. My goal was to break 7:30, but I finished at 7:30.8. !!!

    Then we did 1RM deadlift. 135-225-315-365-405-425-450f-450f. (PR is 445 from September) I got it a few inches away from lock-out both times, but just couldn’t finish it – this has never been my sticking point before; planning to target this portion of the lift with bands over the next weeks.

  10. Robert S. says:

    Did the partner row/pushup WOD from a couple of days ago.

    This could have been the crappiest workout ever and it would not have made any difference to me today…Why? Because for the first time since coming to the Redstone Fire Department my entire crew did a workout together. I’m very happy to see this change happening, and I hope I can be a catalyst to it!

    Anyway, I did this WOD with Firefighter Werle.

    Our score was 238.

  11. RyanP says:


  12. Justin says:

    I made up rankel at home. Had to sub in a 1.5pd kettlebell. 6+15