Tuesday, August 10 2021

Posted by Mandee on August 9, 2021   |   15 Comments

Sumo-Deadift    E2MOM

5 sets x 10 reps @ 50-60%

For Time: (16min cap)
21 Sumo Deadlifts
600m Run/Row or 1.5k Bike
3 Rope Climbs   15′   MRX 3×10’ or 2×15

15 Deadlifts

400m Run/Row or 1k Bike
2 Rope Climbs   MRX 2×10 or 1×15’

9 Sumo Deadlift High Pull
200m Run/Row or 1k Bike
1 Rope Climb   MRX 2×10 or 1×15’

6 Hang Clean

Barbell =   115/75   RX+135/95   MRX 95/65

Core Development

16 Reverse Rower Tucks
16 Banded or Barbell Good Mornings

16 Weighted Sit-Ups
16 Weighted Hip Extensions

15 responses to “Tuesday, August 10 2021”

  1. Nathaniel says:

    My girl Kecia in total control as she tames that wild rower. Kecia has been such a treat since joining. She’s got a great attitude and shows up regularly ready to throw down. She’s friendly and polite, she works hard to improve, and it’s all done with such a positive spirit and attitude. Glad you joined us Kecia ?

  2. Mandee says:

    Kecia wearing out that rower, working hard and giving it her all! This lady has been committed since day one and has been consistent and steadfast in her training. She pushed doubt aside and just kept showing up, and she’s made incredible gains that are still piling up daily. She’s sweet and kind, and we love having her at CFHSV. Keep it up, Kecia! ?

  3. Kecia Zogaib says:

    CrossFit is helping me survive a very hard time in my life. I feel stronger every day, and I will survive. Thank you for all of your support and encouragement. My sister is my hero. And I love CrossFit!!!

  4. Hal says:

    A. 205 across

    B. 10:03 rx+ ?‍♂️

    C. Complete

  5. Bo says:

    12:21 rx

  6. Kim G says:

    A. 95 across
    B. 12:46 rx (run)

  7. LJ Ray says:

    This chick is beautiful and such a hard worker! Every time I see her working out I see her pushing herself. She is consistent and that’s what it takes to see the results we all want to see!! Keep it up Kecia!!

  8. CJ VK says:

    255 across
    9:55 rx+ (row)

    Great 11:30 class today – thanks, Misty!

  9. Nathaniel says:


    3 rounds :

    – 42 hip extensions for deadlifts
    – 600m run and alternated with 1.5k bike
    – 18 one arm ring rows

    Then –

    3 rounds :

    – 10 air squats
    – 8 box step ups
    – 50 plate jumps
    – 10 one arm push press
    – 10 one arm rope rope pulls ( like ring row )

  10. Bailey says:

    A. 205 across
    B. 10:58 rx+ (run)

  11. Jason Morgan says:

    A. 225 for first two then 245 for the last three
    B. 11:10 Rx Run

  12. Alex says:

    225 across
    8:45 Rx+ (run)

  13. Bradley says:

    225, then 255 across

    8:42 Rx+

  14. Mandee says:

    A. 175 across
    B. 9:34 RX+ (row)

  15. Emilyanne says:

    A: 175 across

    B: 12:53 RX+ (row)