Tuesday, August 23 2016

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A. Build up to a max hang power clean to a TnG power clean     E2MOM for 10 minutes

B. 20 minute AMRAP of:

30 power cleans  135/95   (MRX 95/65)

20 burpee box jumps / step-ups  24″/20″  (MRX 20″/18″)

30 hang power cleans  135/95   (MRX 95/65)

20 calorie row

15 power cleans  135/95   (MRX 95/65)

10 burpee box jumps / step-ups  24″/20″  (MRX 20″/18″)

15 hang power cleans  135/95   (MRX 95/65)

10 calorie row

10 power cleans  135/95   (MRX 95/65)

5 burpee box jumps / step-ups  24″/20″  (MRX 20″/18″)

10 hang power cleans  135/95   (MRX 95/65)

5 calorie row

C. Core and Grip Development:

50 GHD sit-ups for time

200m plate pinch carry 55/45/35/25/15



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32 responses to “Tuesday, August 23 2016”

  1. Matt says:

    Freddie Kruger don’t stop. Always represents #ttptb.

  2. Nathaniel says:

    Heath Barbell drags this sled everywhere he goes. He ain’t right and disturbs the peace day and night. If you see him don’t make eye contact, drop your weights, and get the heck out of dodge. He’s greedy with the weights and wants em all. Keep draggin

  3. Kent says:

    This dude motivates me to work harder every day. Whether it’s the garage or the box, there’s no quit!

  4. Mandee says:

    Heath! This is one driven, focused, hard working dude! Every gain he gets is rightfully earned through perseverance and determination. Keep it up stud! 🙂

  5. Bradley says:

    There he is! Heath is a monster. But he is also one great dude! A stellar athlete who can lift a house and run like a deer. CFHSV you better stay out of his was cause he is a man on a mission. Keep it up dude!

  6. Steve Price says:

    Teamed up with Heath, Mo, and Bradley this past Saturday on the 800 meter sled drag / run. Heath and Mo kept adoring weight to the sled until it was at least 315lbs . Those guys carried me! Heath has it all, strength, power, speed and athleticism!! I still owe you Bradley, for teaming me up with these studs!!

  7. KOBRA says:

    The Sharpshooter himself. This freak loves a challenge. Make it heavy, make it long, make it miserable he said. Try to break my mentality he said. There is no breaking the Sharpshooter. He’s got laser focus and an iron will, a massive engine and immense strength. Heath is intensity.

  8. BP says:

    Heath giving us weekend warriors something to work towards!

    A. 235# Complex
    B. 1+11 RX
    C. 25 GHDs

  9. Daniel Lynch says:

    A. 210
    B. 168 Rx
    C. 25 GHDS/ 25 lb plate carry

    Athletes like Heath make me a better athlete because he provides an example of strength and speed to strive for.

  10. CoachDB says:

    Pure D stud right there. Pulling that heavy sled like a strong plow horse.
    – Cluster = 135, 165, 185, 205, 215 Hang Clean good failed Power Clean, tried again and same thing. This is no excuse, just do not trust the knee to drop under yet, they are all pretty much muscle cleans. I will keep working it I promise.
    – WOD RXd = 1rd + 26 reps
    – 50 GHD sit-ups for time = 2:59
    – 25lb plate pinch carry
    Have a Terrific Tuesday CFHSV!

  11. Stark says:

    A. 180
    B. 160, RX (threw in some extra BBJs and Cals bc math is hard)
    C. 25 GHDs

  12. MH says:

    A. 150

    B. 1rd + 45 reps RX

    C. GHDs 2:22, 25 lbs plates

  13. Dani says:

    Heath is such a braveheart. He is everything everyone said above and then some. Great family, great guy, great athlete. Proud to know him!

  14. Nathaniel says:

    AM Open Gym – Yesterday’s WOD :

    A. Thrusters :

    6 @175
    5 @185
    4 @200
    3 @210
    1 @230

    B. 4:45 rx

    Finisher #1 : 8 rx
    Finisher #2 : 40 rx

  15. Bradley says:

    A. 235 (PR on Hang Power Clean)

    B. 1+46 Rx

    C. 50 GHDs for time = 1:53

  16. Mandee says:

    AM Open Gym: yesterday’s WOD
    A. Thruster: 115(6) – 125(5) – 130(4) – 140(3) – 150(1)
    B. 5:57 RX
    Finisher #1: 10 reps
    Finisher #2: 25 reps

    PM Open Gym: today WOD
    A. 180
    B. 1 + 62 RX

  17. Nathaniel says:

    PM Open Gym – Today’s WOD :

    A. 255

    B. 1 + 47 rx

  18. Kobra says:

    AM: Yesterday’s Wod

    A. 155-165-175-185-205

    B. 6:05 RX

    PM: Today’s Wod

    A. 230

    B. 1 round RX

  19. Heath sharp says:

    I love me some Crossfit Huntsville! It is a honor to show up n show out with y’all each time I walk in the door.

    Yesterday’s wod:

    195 / 205 / 220 / 235 / 250


  20. jamie cherrypicker says:

    Heathy putting it down! LC represent!
    A. 175
    b. 169 scaled to box pushups

  21. Mimi says:

    A: 115
    B: 150 RX
    Heath is an ANIMAL.

  22. Steve Price says:

    A. 245 cluster

    B. 169 reps Rx

  23. Mac says:

    Heath, great picture. Always a pleasure getting to work out with you. Keep on going!


    1+60 rx

  24. Shana says:

    A: 160 shot for 170 and PR’d my hang power clean but missed the power clean!

    B: 1+21 RX

  25. Jeremy M. says:

    7:00am Class:
    A: 245#
    B: 1+14, RX++ (decided to do several extra cleans during the set of 15s?)
    C: 25ghds + 200m pinch carry w/35# + 25ghds
    – Great class Mandee! Thx for keeping me straight! What can I say that I haven’t said before…..Heath’s the man!!
    1hour aggressive mtn bike ride on Monte Sano

  26. Justin says:

    50 in 1:43, 25lb plates

  27. Eric says:

    205 across
    Didnt time the GHD@50
    35lb plates 200 meter