Tuesday, December 27 2016

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A. Back Squats to Back Rack Split Jerks       E2:30MOM

4 Back Squats to 2 Back Rack Split Jerks

3 Back Squats to 2 Back Rack Split Jerks

2 Back Squats to 1 Back Rack Split Jerks

1 Back Squats to 1 Back Rack Split Jerks

B. “Tops or Bottoms”  by DB

For Time:

200m run  –  2 front squats  –  12 push press

800m row  –  4 front squats  –  10 push press

400m run  –  6 front squats  –  8 push press

400m row  –  8 front squats  –  6 push press

800m run  –  10 front squats  –  4 push press

200m row  –  12 front squats  –  2 push press

Barbell Loads:  115/80    RX+ 155/105    (MRX 95/65)

*Athlete’s Choice — start at bottom or start at top* 

21 responses to “Tuesday, December 27 2016”

  1. Nathaniel says:

    Joe and Mike are always trying to take it to the next level. Mike is trying to climb his way to space while Joe is climbing to defy the law of gravity. You two gentlemen are madmen in and out of the gym! CFHSV is better because of you!

  2. Mandee says:

    Oh man! Two super studs showing off their skills and working hard as always! Mike and Joe are the real deal! 🙂

  3. Patty says:

    Great guys who consistently work hard. Both are living proof that “older is better!” At least that’s what we tell each other ?

  4. KOBRA says:

    These two shoot from the hip. I wouldn’t be surprised if they were climbing the same rope trying to yank the other one down!

    You guys make it interesting, thanks Mike and Joe, and keep it up!

  5. Bradley says:

    Looking good Mike and Joe!

  6. Josh Kennedy says:

    Two of Huntsville’s finest right there climbing that rope! The leadership and intellectual firepower from Mike and Joe are leaving reasons why our fair city is routinely among the best places in the USA to live……and oh BTW, they get busy in the box every chance they get!
    Pre-WOD: Strict Press 5-5-5-5-5 E3MOM at 135#
    A: 125-155-185-205. Limiter was right shoulder, did not like bring the weight back down between reps
    B: 19:55 Rx. Early morning rain….

  7. KOBRA says:

    A. 245

    B. Top Down – 17:57 RX

  8. BP says:

    A. 205-225(x on 2nd jerk)-235(x on jerk)-225
    B. Bottoms Up 22:21 RX

  9. Jada says:

    Mike and Joe are a high climbing dynamic duo !

    There are achievers and then there are high achievers. These guys are the later. They are constantly pushing the envelope and driven to perform all with a positive attitude. I suspect those qualities in part explain their remarkable lifetime accomplishments both in and out of the gym.

    They also provide considerable comic relief at the start of virtually every 7 am workout ! Glad they are a part of the Crossfit HSV family !

  10. Justin says:

    7am legends right there
    20:35 rx+

  11. Matt says:

    A: 250
    B: 22:50 RX

  12. Nathaniel says:

    A. 205 – 235 – 265 – failed 285 jerk

    B. 17:58 rx +

  13. Sam W says:

    A: 255 – 285 – 325 – 345(missed jerk)
    B: 19:43 RX

  14. Bradley says:

    A. 225-235-245-255

    B. 19:49 Rx+ (PR from 22:08 Rx+ last year)

  15. Heath sharp says:


    17:14 rx+

  16. TZ says:

    245; 17:29 rx

  17. Mandee says:

    A. 135 – 155 – 175 – 185
    B. 18:39 RX+ top to bottom, PR by 1:16 from last year

  18. Mimi says:

    A: 85# across with 1 back rack jerk each time
    B: 4+800m run top to bottom (started RX and then scaled the squats to HPC somewhere in the middle)

  19. Eric Hedges says:

    A. 185-225-245-265
    B. 19:20 @155 BOTTOM UP: semi-scale Assault Bike for Run

  20. Mac says:


    18:02 extra+