Tuesday, January 11 2022

Posted by Mandee on January 10, 2022   |   22 Comments



Cleans & Hang Cleans   E2MOM

4 Power Clean – 4 Hang Cleans

3 Power Clean – 3 Hang Cleans

2 Power Clean – 2 Hang Cleans

1 Power Clean – 1 Hang Clean

For Time: (16min cap)
21 Hang Power Cleans   135/95   MRX 95/65

200m Run/Row or 0.5 Bike or 50 Double Unders
1 Rope Climb   15’   RX+ Legless   MRX 10’

Rest 1min

15 Power Cleans
200m Run/Row or 0.5 Bike or 50 Double Unders
2 Rope Climbs   15’   RX+Legless   MRX 1×15’ or 2×10’

Rest 1min

9 Hang Power Cleans
200m Run/Row or 0.5 Bike or 50 Double Unders
3 Rope Climbs   15’   RX+Legless   MRX 2×15’ or 3×10’

Rest 1min

6 Power Cleans
200m Run/Row or 0.5 Bike or 50 Double Unders
4 Rope Climbs   15’   RX+Legless   MRX 2×15’ or 4×10’

Grip & Guns Development

100m KB/DB Farmers Carry
15 KB Bottoms Up Curl to Strict Press

100m Plate Pinch Carry
15 Plate Pinch Curls to Strict Press

22 responses to “Tuesday, January 11 2022”

  1. Mandee says:

    Nate W showing off both skill and strength, shimmying up that rope with ease. This guy is a seasoned CrossFitter who displays a great balance across all areas of fitness. He moves well, has great form and technique, and approaches WODs with a level of experience that only comes with years of hard work. He’s easy to talk to, super friendly, and always willing to lend advice and encouragement to others. Way to show out, Nate! 😃

  2. Nathaniel says:

    My man Nate W sky high! Nate is a pro and he’s been at it longer than most. He concentrates on the important things, has fun with his fitness, and he’s got longevity on his mind. Nate has been a total gentleman since joining and not only is he willing to help others he’s also willing to be coached. Nates a body weight ninja, meticulous when moving a barbell, and holds himself to standard. Keep representing Nate!

  3. BP says:

    PC: 275x (245 for 2)
    HPC: 260
    12:05 Scaled to strict pulls, DUs

  4. Hal says:

    A. 245 power

    B. 12:28 rx 🚣‍♂️

    C. Complete

  5. Bo says:

    A: 205 hang power
    B: 14:47 rx (row)

  6. Bailey says:

    A. 200 hang clean
    B. 10:28 RX

  7. Nathaniel says:

    13:51 rx+

  8. CJ VK says:

    PC: 135(4)-185(3)-215(2)-245(1)

    15:55 rx+ (DUs)

  9. Bradley says:


    15:45 Rx+ (DUs)

  10. B. A. says:

    WOD 3+57 RX+

  11. Duke says:

    12:52 rx

  12. Mandee says:

    180 hang split clean
    10:55 RX double unders

  13. Jason Morgan says:

    A. 265 HPC
    B. 13:14 Rx

  14. Griffin Blake says:

    300# HC and PC
    15:39 rx+

  15. Lupo says:

    255# HPC
    11:34 RX

  16. Mimi says:

    A: 100# PC and HPC
    B: 3+8 scaled to 75#

  17. Misty says:

    Nate! Climbing that rope was second nature for him! This guy is always spot on with form and technique. He knows himself as an athlete and is always willing to give a helping word to those around him. So glad that both Nate and Magen found CFHSV and decided to make it their home! Awesome CrossFitters and awesome couple!

    A. 145
    B. 15:14 scaled

  18. Justin says:

    14:55 bike scaled to 6 strict pullups per rope climb

  19. steve price says:

    A. Hang Power Clean: 265

    B. 2 + 11 Rx, definitely have to learn the “J” hook rope climb, that was rough on the arms 😂😂

  20. Kim G says:

    A. PC-HPC 120#
    B. 15:53 rx (run)