Tuesday, January 21 2020

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“Strict Tabata” by DB

For Max Reps of Each Exercise:

Tabata Strict Ring Pull-Ups   MRX Bar

Rest 2 minute/rotate

Tabata Strict Ring Dips   MRX Bar

Rest 2 minute/rotate

Tabata Strict Toes to Bar   MRX V-Ups

Rest 2 minute/rotate

Tabata Kettlebell Goblet Box Step Ups (alt legs)   Box = 30/24/20/18/12″ Kettlebell = 32/24 24/16 20/12kgs

Rest 2 minute/rotate

Tabata Strict Barbell Rows   75/55   95/65   115/75

Rest 2 minute/rotate

Tabata Strict Handstand Push-Ups or Strict Press

Rest 2 minute/rotate

Tabata Hip Extensions

Rest 2 minute/rotate

Tabata is 20sec of work followed by 10sec of rest for 8 intervals or 4min. *This is 28min worth of Tabata work and 12min rest, total of 40min. *Athletes can pick order of exercises*

6 responses to “Tuesday, January 21 2020”

  1. Mandee says:

    Dylan J! This dude is a hard working athlete who moves well and always gives 100% effort. He’s also an incredibly genuine person who is kind and thoughtful. Keep being you, Dylan! ?

  2. Nathaniel says:

    Dylan in the bottom of that squat lookin focused. Dylan brings awesome energy and effort to any class he shows up to. He’s a natural athlete that continues to make gains while being a great guy at the same time. Keep it up dude!

  3. Lewie Lew says:

    Prince Harry in the building! Looks like Meghan Markle brought him to CFHSV ?

  4. JJ Millich says:

    41 – Strict RPU
    50 – Strict RD
    44 – Strict T2B
    36 – Goblet Step Ups (24kg/24″)
    76 – Strict BBRow @115#
    41 – Strict BBPress @95#
    52 – BBGoodMorning @115#
    Total Reps = 340 (scaled HipExt to BBGM)
    Tabata Bonus: 40 – BackSqt @135#

  5. Misty says:

    Dylan! Now that’s how you do a goblet squat! Great guy, great athlete, strong and kind… keep showing up and showing out!

  6. Justin says: