Tuesday, March 27 2018

Posted by Mandee on March 26, 2018   |   19 Comments



Rowing, Over Rower Burpees & Handstand Push-ups    E3MOM x 3 Rounds

200m Row or 0.5km Assault Bike or 200m Run
5 Over The Bar Burpees

10 Handstand Push-ups or Hand Release Push-ups

*Rest remaining time of 3min

Bench Press    E3MOM
10 – 6 – 10 – 6

12min AMRAP:

200m Row or 0.5km Assault Bike or 200m Run

9 Squat Cleans    135/95    MRX 95/65
6 Shoulder to Overhead

19 responses to “Tuesday, March 27 2018”

  1. Mandee says:

    A much deserved rest for one of the hardest working young men I know! Cliff puts in the work in and out of the gym, and he is relentless in his pursuit of health and fitness. It’s been awesome to watch this guy’s journey so far! Way to be, Cliff! ?

  2. Nathaniel says:

    My man Cliff is a different breed. He’s a grinder and relentless. Cliff has grown as much as anyone I’ve ever seen in his time at CFHSV. He’s got a knack of getting better…at everything. Grind dude!

  3. Steve Price says:

    Amazing transition to Amazing athlete ! Definition of hard work and perseverance!
    Kill it Cliff ?

  4. Chef Tyler says:

    Cliff!!! One thing that Cliff is good at besides crushing cookies, is working his tail off. He has such a hard core desire to get better, always asking questions and focusing on cues. Love this dude!!!!! Keep up the good work Cliff!

  5. Paul Pepe says:

    Just when I start to think the younger generations can’t cut the cheese anymore….then I get to watch Cliff…:-). This young man has a great future ahead of him. No quit in this guy. Way to be son…

  6. Daniel Lynch says:

    Holla @ cha boy Cliff

  7. Bradley says:

    One of the hardest workers in the gym. Cliff is the man. Keep it up stud!

    A. ??

    B. 175(10)-195(6)-175(10)-195(5)

    C. 4+8 Rx all Row (200m + 7 Squat Cleans)

  8. DUKE says:

    C-4+89m RX
    I had the privilege to do a Friday night fight with Clifford. He was an awesome partner. Plus that boy can put away some Krispy Kreme.

  9. Nathaniel says:

    A. Activated

    B. Scaled the bench for 100 push ups. 50 hand release and 50 regular

    C. 4 + 9 rx (all row)

  10. Mandee says:

    A. Activated (row/bar facing/HSPU)
    B. 115(10) – 130(6) – 110(6) – 125(6)
    C. 5 + 2 RX (all row)

  11. Regina says:

    Cliff has been putting in work and getting results ever since he first walked in the gym doors! Keep it up, Cliff!

  12. Maggie says:

    Keep up the awesome work Cliff! It’s been awesome to watch your hard work paying off!

  13. Steve Price says:

    3 + 2 Rx

  14. MH says:

    A. BFB and HSPU
    B. 110(10)120(6)110(10)120(6)
    C. 6 RX Run

  15. Heath sharp says:

    A) ✔️
    B) 185×10 235×6 235×10 276×6
    C) 5+4 RX (all row)

  16. Devonne says:

    Cliff = Beast of an athlete! It has been great watching your change and improvements. Keep it up!!!

  17. CJ VK says:

    A. bike, burpee, HSPU
    B. 155(10) 185(6) 155(10) 185(4)
    C. 3+1 rx (all bike)

    That boy “cLIFT”

  18. Jeremy M. says:

    6:15pm Class:
    A: Bike/hspu-Bike/hspu-Run/hspu
    (Bike wouldn’t start on last rd)
    B: 185(10)-225(6)-185(10)-225(6)
    C: 4+10, RX w/all runs (200m + 9 SqtCleans)
    – Excellent class Nathaniel/Bradley/Daniel!!!
    Cliff is one bad dude! I know bc I have worked out with him a few times! This young man puts in the time day in, day out! His hard work and dedication shows in each of his workouts. Keep it up stud!

  19. Matt says: