Tuesday, November 26 2019

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SumoDeadlift   E3MOM

8 – 6 – 4 – 2 

For Time:

21 SumoDeadlifts   225/155   MRX 185/125

21 Handstand Push-Ups   MRX 2/4″ Rise

600m Row, Run or 1.5km Assault Bike

15 SumoDeadlifts

15 Handstand Push-Ups   MRX 2/4″ Rise

400m Run, Row or 1km Assault Bike

9 SumoDeadlifts

9 Handstand Push-Ups   MRX 2/4″ Rise

200m Row, Run or 0.5km Assault Bike

Core & Grip Development

1min L-sit Hold (rings/parallettes/floor)
100m Plate/Pinch Grip Carry Use a tough weight
25 Reverse Rower Tucks
100m Farmers Walk with Dumbbells or KettleBells Use a heavy weight 1min Low Plank Hold






Monday – Wednesday: regular schedule

Thursday: closed

Friday: 915am & 1030am only (no childcare)

Saturday: 9AM Annual Iron Bowl WOD! (childcare starting at 830am, all other classes canceled)

Sunday: back to regular schedule

10 responses to “Tuesday, November 26 2019”

  1. Mandee says:

    Awesome picture of one truly awesome lady! Laurie exudes love and positivity. Doesn’t get any better than that. So glad to have you at CFHSV, Laurie, you rock! 😁

  2. Nathaniel says:

    Laurie in all her glory! This young CrossFitter has all the right stuff – she shows up, she works hard, and she’s coachable. What’s even more impressive is what type of person she is – she’s kind, humble, and got a smile and humor that lights up the gym!

  3. AW says:

    Best thing that ever happened to me.

  4. Kathy says:

    Laurie, looking strong! I am so glad you are at CFHSV!

  5. Misty says:

    Laurie! Focused and determined as always! This lady has some grit and goes hard everyday! So kind and always smiling. Such a positive piece to the CFHSV puzzle… so glad you’re here!

  6. Kim G says:

    A. 155-170-185-195
    B. 92 reps (finished all but last 200mrun) scaled to 1 abmat hspu after failure

  7. Bradley says:

    A. 315(8) – 335(6) – 355(4) – 375(2)

    B. 7:54 Rx Run

  8. Nathaniel says:

    A. Completed as prescribed

    B. 8:59 rx run

  9. Mandee says:

    A. 205(8) – 225(6) – 240(4) – 255(2)
    B. 8:32 RX
    C. Completed

  10. CJ VK says:

    A. 275(8)-295(6)-315(4)-335(3) w/ 5 strict HSPU between sets
    B. 11:44 rx (run)