Tuesday, September 6 2022

Posted by Mandee on September 5, 2022   |   26 Comments



“The Love of Labor” by DB

For Time: (40min cap)

4 Push Press   135/95   RX+155/105   MRX 95/65

5 Back Squats
6 Power Clean
100m Run

7 Push Press

8 Back Squats

9 Power Clean

200m Run

10 Push Press

11 Back Squats

12 Power Clean

400m Run

13 Push Press

14 Back Squats

15 Power Clean

800m Run

16 Push Press

17 Back Squats

18 Power Clean

1200m Run

*compare to 14 Sep 20; 4 Sep 17; 5 Sep 16*

26 responses to “Tuesday, September 6 2022”

  1. Nathaniel says:

    Nice shot of Adam. Adam is one of ‘those’ – He makes everything look like it’s supposed to and he makes it look easy. Always enjoy seeing Adam do his thing in the gym. He’s a class act guy which makes it easy to cheer for him too. Adam is a total gentleman in the gym to everyone and always strives to do right. He’s a smart athlete that trains for his longevity but he ain’t afraid to ‘send it’ when the timing is right. I always enjoy having Adam in class whether it’s coaching, cheering, or sharing some jokes and conversation. Keep playing the long game and showing out when you want, dude!

  2. Mandee says:

    Great shots of Adam showing out. Adam is as genuine and sincere a person as you’ll meet. He’s friendly, positive, encouraging and kind. He’s a top notch CrossFitter who makes everything look effortless. His form and technique are spot on, and he takes pride in doing things the right way, every day. He’s incredibly well-rounded, too. I can’t think of anything this dude can’t do! Always love having Adam around and so proud to have him at CFHSV. Keep showing out, stud 😄

  3. Abby says:

    ADAM!! One of my favorite people in this gym & the world! Adam is the most loyal and caring friend and I’m so thankful to call him one of mine. He trains smart & values a rest day but can give you a run for your money whenever he wants. Proud of you bro!!

  4. Hal says:

    28:24 rx

  5. Bo says:

    41:39 rx

  6. Freeman says:

    What a stud. Adam shows up and shows out every chance he gets. He’s a great crossfitter only matched by how great of a guy he is. Keep doing you man!

  7. Jake M says:

    Always enjoy sweating with this guy! Adam and I have been friends since his first week at the gym. The friendship and encouragement he gives off are top notch and he is a great athlete to go with it! Keep crushing it!

  8. Button Dog says:

    Wilma is so lucky to have such an awesome crossfitter as a dad. go Adam!

  9. Justin says:

    34:14 rx

  10. Tyler Canoles says:

    That one took my lunch money..

    40:30 RX

  11. CJ VK says:

    38:02 rx w/ a 4 minute emergency potty break
    9/14/20: 39:23 rx+

  12. Duketrying says:


  13. Misty says:

    Adam! Love the bar stare down before picking it up and throwing it around! A solid lift from a solid athlete. He can do it all… he moves the barbell well and reps out gymnastics movements with the best of them! Adam is always coachable and supportive of those around him. Keep it up, Adam!

  14. Nathaniel says:

    29:04 rx

  15. Bradley says:

    What a perfect squat snatch. Adam is always trying to perfect his craft. He is coachable and willing to listen. He is an awesome athlete because of it. But, Adam is an even better dude who everyone likes. Keep it up stud!

  16. Jason Morgan says:

    32:37 Rx

    Adam! I’ve had the pleasure of doing a few partner wods with this guy. Always a great teammate. He knows how to push himself and those around him!

  17. Alex says:

    Adam is an amazing athlete, and somehow an even better guy. I am always impressed by how well he knows his abilities and limitations, and how he turns that knowledge into ruthlessly consistent performance in the gym!

  18. Mandee says:

    33:20 did front squats instead of back squats, RX+ weight

  19. Bailey says:

    25:24 RX+

    Adam! There aren’t enough great things I can say about this guy, he is a great athlete and an even better person. He shoots you straight, is always encouraging, friendly, and will definitely make you laugh. He works hard day in and day out and it really shows, keep up the awesome work Adam!

  20. Eugene M says:

    31:21 Rx

  21. Lupo says:

    My man Adam making that bar overhead look like a pvc pipe, whether it’s light or heavy. Get yourself a friend and a training partner like Adam and you’ll be better off because of it. From crossfit, to music, to life: all around good dude!

    35:50 rx

  22. Freeman says:

    28:27 Rx+

  23. JJ Millich says:

    29:07, RX

  24. Mac says:

    28:32 rx