Wednesday, 03 Nov, 2010

Posted by Mandee on November 2, 2010   |   51 Comments

Weighted Pull-Up, 1-1-1-1-1-1-1 reps

Followed by:

max reps strict pull-ups
Rest 3-5 minutes
Then max reps kipping pull-ups

In Memory of Amanda Miller – Melanoma Research Foundation

Lies, Damned Lies, and Medical Science” by David H. Freedman, The Atlantic.

Question of the day- How do you answer this concern about CrossFit from women- ” I don’t want to bulk up”…. and of course  it’s macho counterpart- “It’s too much cardio and I’ll lose strength”.

51 responses to “Wednesday, 03 Nov, 2010”

  1. Robert S. says:

    This is crazy! G and I were just talking about Amanda.

  2. Stacey says:

    Love this pic tracey!! Get it girl

  3. Kerri says:

    Way to go Josh G. and his bro, Caleb, for making the main site L-sit collage…..TOO AWESOME!!

  4. Ramsay says:

    WOW Tracey!

  5. Patrick says:

    QOD: Rippetoe has several articles and entire sections in his books discussing why women can’t “bulk up” without bizarre dude-like genetics or a willingness to supplement with androgens. And the 70’s Big link is also a good one for those wanting something in writing. For the visual learners, just let them page through all the Flickr pictures, especially from Sectionals. Kind of a Where’s Waldo thing. Challenge them to find the “bulky chick”. I’ve not heard the macho-counter part. Guess I’d just shake my head and think: “Well, if that’s your concern… it is probably not for you, I doubt you’d pass the D-bag test and hang around long enough to find out.”

  6. Tracey says:

    QOD: I always say “If it were that easy to bulk up, I’d be Ms. Olympia” I love muscle and a bit of size on a woman, but without drugs its just not possible to gain the “bulkiness”. HOWEVER bulkiness is far better than quishiness! JUST PICK UP THE DAMN WEIGHT!!! preferably not the colored rubber ones. 🙂

  7. Tracey says:

    Oh! the second part of the question reguarding to too much cardio and loss of strength…I can remeber the bodybuilders getting so winded from moving at a 3.5mph pace (with a slight incline) on the treadmill, in preparation for a show. Really it was sad! Not even close to being physically fit. I suppose the fear of burning off the expensive steriods was a legit concern. LOL

  8. Ramsay says:

    If any woman has doubt they just need to look at the elite ladies of CF HSV- who wouldn’t want to look like you guys? Seriously.

    Some of the guys I know have said they will lose muscle and there is too much cardio and won’t come by- BS! Again, look at our guys. ?

    Who knows- informing the public on the benefits of both function and form seems to be a challenge. Not to mention they think we are in a cult b/c we are so passionate about CF. We’ll keep up the word of mouth marketing and hope others get on board for their health and physique.

  9. Aaron says:

    On a scale of 1-10 on my performance today, I give it a “bleh”.
    Weighted Pull-Up: 70-75-80x-75x-70
    Strict Pull-Up: 10
    Kipping Pull-Up: 31
    Prev PR for weighted is 85. Feeling lethargic today. The GP apparently didn’t want my leftover Snickers and Twix bites, don’t understand that. Maybe the BGT (the Big Green Thing) will take it away on Thursday. Until then I have no choice but to consume a couple mini cookie bars with my morning coffee while I type this. Hmm, I guess a couple days of that could have a residual effect…

  10. Aaron says:

    QOD: I’ve never heard the bulking up remark directly from women; I’ve only read about it. The concerns I hear most from female friends I’ve spoken to about starting CF is they seem to be more interested in doing strictly cardio exercises for weight loss and firming up the mid section or their butt and they don’t care to do the Olympic lifts because they don’t think it will help them with their goals. I try to explain to them until I’m blue in the face the benefits of the heavier lifts and how they require incredible core strength, more than I ever realized, and how performing them will strengthen (and flatten) the midsection and firm up the tookus. They don’t get it. I also think there is a level of intimidation regarding the intensity and dedication required to truly benefit from CF. Regarding the macho counterpart, I’ve never heard that one. That is hilarious and one of the dumbest remarks I’ve ever heard. But I think again it goes to the individual’s goals. If looking strong, being one dimensional, self tanning and thongs are your goal, vanity exercises and 2 hour globo gym sessions are right up your alley. If you want to be a BAMF, start CF.

  11. Tye says:

    80-90-100-105-110-115 PR by 20 lbs
    18 strict, 31 kip (tied previous PR)

    Felt good this morning, and could have possibly gotten 120, guess I’ll find out next time.

    QOD: My wife has the exact same fears, as she says she doesn’t want to look like a man. The funny part is that she’s 5’7″ and weighs 103 lbs. I don’t think she could ever bulk up no matter how hard she tried.

    From the guy side of things, I’ve heard that a lot and just shake my head when I do. Guys that say that generally have ego’s the size of Texas and can’t be swayed.

    • Emily D. says:

      yeah…I don’t think Emily is in danger of bulking up 🙂

      Tell her to come in and sweat with the rest of us ladies!

    • AmandaJ says:

      I saw her on Saturday, she is teeeeeney!!!! She needs to get with the program!!

  12. Brian says:

    QOD: I don’t really have any comments either way about the QOD. But I did get an interesting email today from an old friend that is somewhat of a testimony to crossfit. Here is a portion of the email:

    “I’ve been doing it for about 2 months and I’m still the last one to finish every day…or the one to do the least amount of everything. I’m not sure if you remember, but I’m kind of girly and not really an athlete….I don’t like bruises or scabs or blisters. 🙂 But I can’t stop going.”

    This friend was the beauty pageant type, very girly as she states, and reminds me very much of my sisters who are to scared to even try crossfit. I am extremely proud of her and hopes she keeps this up.

    My take on the QOD: Just google “Crossfit girls”

  13. Kristi Simmons says:

    I agree with Brian, if I got either of these statements regarding CF. I’d just pull out my handy dandy iPhone & Google “Women of CrossFit” for them. And say, “you have a problem with looking like this?!?” And of course, refer back to Aaron’s comments.

  14. Kristi Simmons says:


    Let’s see how many will follow suit…ot better yet, how long this will actually last.

  15. Karen says:

    Being on the receiving end of criticism that I was getting “too bulky” made me conscious and SELF-conscious of how my body was perceived. In the end, I said screw the criticism (and the critic!) and LOVE the fact that I am in better shape than most people my age and a whole lot people half my age. I’d rather have arms that kicks a** , legs that are strong, and abs that my sons can’t believe their MOM has (“My MOM has a six pack!!”). As for the bulkiness, my opinion is-yes, as a woman, you might gain muscle in comparison to what you would gain doing aerobics (or any workout that uses light or no weight), but not Lou Ferrigno type because we ARE NOT men. We do have some testosterone but not enough to be HUGE. You will be strong. You will be capable. You will be a woman.

  16. Aaron says:

    So I did a google search for “Women of Crossfit” and found some very intersting links. One blog (Testosterone Nation) has a great CF Women collection of pictures. However, 99% of these blow hards love their HGH and have zero respect for women or CF based on their remarks.

    On a positive note, I did find this link which shows a woman named Jennie Yundt from Crossfit Fire and her progress over her first 15 months. Check out how she “bulked” up! Apparently one might get really tan 6 months after starting CF 🙂


    Here is the link to the discussion board where she originally posted.

  17. Will Blankenship says:

    25-35-55-60-70x-65x-65x (60)

    Full-lock dead-hang. No kipping. I did get 65 with a little kick, but I only counted the strict ones.

    Strict Reps: 10
    Kipping Reps: 21

    I think I had another 10 or so on the kipping pullups, but I felt my hands start ripping and I let go. Looking back, I should have toughed it out.

  18. Penelope says:

    10-15-20-25-30(PR)-35(x)-35(x), 5 strict (PR), 21 kpu (PR)

  19. Russell says:

    Hey guys,
    Remember that this workout, as well as the GRACE we did on Saturday are both great benchmarks to compare progress with. Check our score-sheet posted in the office and use it as a reference. Keep in mind that those wristbands mean something to all of us!

    • AmandaJ says:

      On that note…are the pull-ups on the score sheet supposed to be linked to get the points? For example last Tuesday I did a TOTAL of 35 PUs during the WOD. Does that count for the points or are they supposed to be linked? When I turned in my worksheet I gave myself 5 points for having done 15+ during a WOD then I got to wondering if that was right.

  20. AmandaJ says:

    QOD: I have gotten both reactions and at that point it seems like they’ve already made up their mind and there is not much you can say. I don’t like wasting my breath or energy, I need it for CrossFit 🙂

  21. Karen says:

    20-30-40(PR by 15 lbs strict)-50(f-strict)-50 (15lb PR with kip at bottom of pullup) running short on time so moved to rest of workout
    10 strict, 26 kpu. grip was gone after max strict.

    Question that came up at the lunch class – are the pullups counts for the score-sheet strict or kipping? Also, muscle ups don’t count unless they are strict? Just need to know what to aim for.

  22. Rich C. says:

    10 Strict
    14 Kip
    Started off good with the kip but lost my rhythm…still a work in progress

  23. Amanda and Karen,

    Everything on the sheet is supposed to be linked. This means you don’t drop off the bar, kick down from the wall, or fall off the rings.
    Pull-ups are any way you can get from hanging to chin over the bar. Strict, kipping, L-pulls, choose your best.

    Muscle-ups are linked and will be counted but you should have a strict MU before you start doing Muscle-ups in workouts anyway so we don’t count your first MU until you have a strict. (safety)

  24. Mandee Miller says:

    10 – 15 – 20 – 25 – 30 – 35(x) – 35(PR)
    strict pull ups – 2 (PR)
    kipping pull ups – 22 (PR)

  25. KLowe says:

    Interesting QOD.

    I hear a lot of males not wanted to start CF because “they can’t get “big” doing that type of work-outs”. Sure I guess compared to strict hypertrophy work-outs you might not get as “big”. I guess everything is all perspective and education. “Big” eventually turns to fat with hypertrophy work outs while “big-fit” tends to retain the desired asthetics of “big” over time. ….anyway.

    when approached with this line of questioning I simply ask back. If being Big is your concern then it is probably not for you. If being big-fit-health is an interesting idea to you then here is CFHSV’s website. See ya soon?

    • Robert S. says:

      This is a HUGE deal at the firehouse. “I’m not doing CF because I won’t be as strong.” or “I don’t want to loose any mass.”

      My reply “That’s cool if you want to do heavy dumbbell curls, but when you want to improve your ability to survive in a burning building come see me.”

  26. katieg says:

    Weighted: 10-20-25-30x-30x-30x
    Strict: 7 (pr)
    Kipping: 21 (pr)

  27. Robert S. says:


    13 strict, 31 kipping (pr)

    I lost 2 reps on the kpu which sucks, but I’ll take the pr.

    90# matches previous pr on weighted pullup.

  28. katherine berger says:

    Great picture Tracey! And congrats to everyone on the pull-up PRs!

  29. Patrick says:

    45-70-90-105-115-117.5(PR by 2.5)
    Strict 23, Kipping 40


    5/3/1 Squat: 195(5)-235(5)-265(5)

  30. Kerri says:

    First strict pull-up today! PR!!!!

    I did a minor frog kick to get up there, but, I GOT UP THERE! (And was able to do it again, and again)

    1 year ago (after 5 months of CF), I had finally gotten my first kipping pull-up.

    Today, 1 year +5 months = first strict pull-up. Yay.