Wednesday, 18 January, 2012

Posted by Mandee on January 17, 2012   |   11 Comments


2 Minutes of jump rope followed by

3 Rounds:

5 PVC pass throughs

10 Squats

5 No push up inch worms

10 Kipping swings



“Athlete’s Choice”

2 Rounds of:

500 Meter row

400 Meter run

30 Hand release push ups

20 Pull ups


Post time to comments.

*Athletes can choose to do movements in any order and can be different each round but the athlete must complete the total # of reps Rx’d for that movement before moving on.



A. Push Press- Find a 1RM; Rest as needed between efforts

B. 30 HSPU for time.

C. DB external rotation- Build to a 8RM/arm @30×0; Rest as needed between efforts

D. DB Powell Raise- Build to a 8RM/arm @30×0; Rest as needed between efforts


Be Your Own Bodyguard Part 3: In-Action” with Tony BlauerCrossFit Journal preview video [wmv] [mov]

“The Invisible Made Visible In A Track Athlete” with Kelly Starrett – video [wmv] [mov]

11 responses to “Wednesday, 18 January, 2012”

  1. Josh Kennedy says:

    13:05 Rx’ed. Nice little WOD, bit cold on the runs though

  2. Larry Lowe says:

    12:05 rx.
    pushups, pullups, run, row, row, pushups, pullups, run

    I think the back to back row is the way to go on this.

  3. Matthew Hillis says:

    15:55 Rx’d. I liked this one but it was more painful that I thought it would be. The 2nd run was tough.

  4. brocoli, celery, gotta be veggietales! says:

    12:42 Rx’d
    I wish I were as smart as Larry, because I think he’s right. Went row, run, pushups, pulls (wash and rinse, I mean repeat).

  5. Clair says:

    16:52 Rx’d. Liked this WOD!
    Great job Mandee on Cubelic and the Kid this morning! You sounded like a natural on the radio. 🙂

  6. Tasha W says:

    16:45. Whatever you do, don’t row last… I threw up a little. Ouch. (Good coaching, Tracey! Have missed you guys!)

  7. Mac says:

    13:59 RX – Run,Pull,Row,Push

  8. Will Blankenship says:


    pullups, pushups, pullups, pushups, row, row, run, run… not one of my most effective ideas.

  9. Jane says:

    15:54 rx’d
    Row, pushups, pullups, run, pullups, run, pushups, row. Whew!