Wednesday, April 7 2021

Posted by Mandee on April 6, 2021   |   14 Comments



EMOM x 4 min:

1 Power Snatch to 1 Hang Power Snatch

Rest 2min

EMOM x 4min:

1 Hang Power Snatch to 1 Power Snatch

Rest 2min

4min Build Up to a 1 RM Hang Power Snatch

6 x 1min Rounds For Reps:

6 Over Bar Burpees
Max Reps Hang Power Snatch   135/95   RX+165/115   MRX 115/75

Rest 1 min

Flexibility Development

2x30sec Couch Stretch
2x30sec Head to Floor Straddle Stretch

2x30sec American Splits
2x30sec Prisoner/Wall Shoulder Stretch

2x30sec Chinese Splits
Spend 3-5min with favorite Leg, Back & Shoulder stretches with or without bands

14 responses to “Wednesday, April 7 2021”

  1. Mandee says:

    What a pair! Brandon and Amy are great people who have truly been a wonderful addition to our CFHSV community over the past few years. We’ve enjoyed them as athletes, as individuals, as a couple and now as parents to sweet baby Kelsey. I’m so sad to see them go but am truly grateful to have had the opportunity to get to know them both over the years. Best of luck in Colorado, Brandon and Amy! Big things are on the horizon for you both and we are excited for your family!

  2. Nathaniel says:

    Brandon with the lock out and Amy with the chest to bar. These two are a great team and that lil Kelsey is one lucky baby girl. Amy and Brandon have been model athletes, CrossFit courteous, kind and friendly since arriving and it’s sad to see them go. Thanks for representing in all you did while with us and we wish you all the best in your next move. Miss ya already!

  3. Hal says:

    A. 175 pr

    B. 30 rx

    C. Complete

  4. Wilma says:

    Always a great day when you are in my class or our paths just cross. Sad news that you are leaving!!!!!

  5. Jason Morgan says:

    A. 185
    B. 51 Rx

  6. CJ VK says:

    75 across
    95 across


  7. Mandee says:

    51 RX

  8. Nathaniel says:

    60 rx

  9. Misty says:

    Amy and Brandon! What an amazing couple both inside and outside the box. Two strong athletes that are setting the bar high for that sweet baby girl! So glad this awesome family found CFHSV and I will be so sad to see them leave. However, I have no doubt that this next step will be another great adventure… I hope your path leads back to CFHSV soon!

  10. Misty says:

    A. 105
    B. 33 rx

  11. JJ Millich says:

    A1: 115-125-135-145 (HPS+PS)
    A2: 135-145-155-165 (PS+HPS)
    A3: 165-170-175-180 (HPS)
    B: 52, RX @135#

  12. steve price says:

    A. Hang Power Snatch: 185

    B. 34 reps Rx @ 135

  13. Bradley says:

    Amy and Brandon are so awesome. They are stud athletes and even better people. We are so glad you found us, and we sure are going to miss you!