Wednesday, August 31 2022

Posted by Mandee on August 30, 2022   |   26 Comments

Congratulations to the newest members of our Black Shirt Club and Green Team who completed the skills test this past Sunday!

Black Shirt Club:

Back Row L to R: Sean Freeman, Griffin Blake, Alex Ankrom, River Phanco, Christian Shirey, Angel Santiago, Jake McClendon, Matrice Woods, Adam Callis, Michael Lupo

Front Row L to R: Tyler Canoles, Michael Stanley, Cherokee Henderson, Bailey Bentley, Samuel Hammitte, Rick Mosley, Matt Guyette, Juan Gamboa

Green Team:

Back Row L to R: Jeremy Tillman, Nic Cupps, James Brede, Frank Aldag, John Scarbrough, Bo Cochran, Julia Troxtel, Brinn Helen, LJ Ray, Suzanne Metcalf

Front Row L to R: Karen Hubbard, Regina Berg, Magan Blake, Jenn Clarke, Andrea Barker, Carolyn Derting, Brandi Copeland (not pictured)






CrossFit Games Master’s WODs 2019 Master’s WOD 1

For Time: (7min cap)

500m Row

30 Bar Facing Burpees

Rest 5min

Master’s WOD 2

5 Rounds For Time: (23min cap)
3 Rope Climbs   15′   55+ 2 Rope Climbs
15 Front Squats   115/75   50-54 95/65   55+95/65lbs

60 Double Unders

Stretching & Flexibility Development

1min Standing Straddle Stretch

1min Butterfly Stretch
1min Seated Straddle Stretch

1min American Splits Hold

1min Couch Stretch

1min Pigeon/Periformis/Box Stretch

1min Chinese Splits Hold
3min on Favorite Stretches






Monday, September 5th:

We WILL have classes at:

7am, 815am, 915am, 1130am, and 1230pm as well as 1015am Open Gym

We will NOT have childcare today.  All other classes are canceled. 



26 responses to “Wednesday, August 31 2022”

  1. Ronald Saizan says:

    Great job everyone, that was definitely a challenging test.

  2. Heather C says:

    Congratulations, everyone!

  3. Nathaniel says:

    What a day and what a bunch of top notch people and CrossFit athletes. It’s been a few years since we’ve ‘tested’ ourselves for the elusive black / green shirt and it did not disappoint. CFHSV showed up after weeks of hard work and practice. Congrats to everyone who received their shirt and to those that were so close cause I know you’ll be back to get those shirts next time. Lots of memories made and proud to be a part of the journey. Y’all rocked it!!

  4. Mandee says:

    We had an incredible time Sunday watching so many CFHSV athletes show up and put their skills to the test. It reminded me just how special this event is and what a great tradition it has become through the years at CrossFit Huntsville. Congratulations to all those who were awarded with Black Shirt Club and Green Team inductions, and awesome job to everyone who participated! Proud of each and every athlete who tested their skills and excited to see who is next in the years to come!!

  5. Devonne says:

    All STUDS! Congratulations to you all!! Well deserved!!!

  6. Don K says:

    I’m glad that CFHSV has restarted the Black Shirt Green Team Challenge again. Congratulations to all, well done!

  7. Bradley says:

    Congrats everyone. You all put on a show!

  8. Fleming says:

    Congrats to all these amazing athletes!!

  9. steve price says:

    Congratulations to Everyone !!!!

  10. Hal says:

    Congrats to my brothers and sisters from 0600.

    A. 4:20

    B. 4+1 rx

  11. Justin says:

    Congrats to everyone
    3+4 scaled to 6 strict pullups per rope climb

  12. Bo says:

    Congrats to all. Very well done, coaches. Sunday was a lot of fun.

    A: 3:41
    B: 3 rounds rx

  13. CJ VK says:

    Shout out to my dogs
    3:12 / 20:38 rx

    • Champ says:

      We watched Duke do these wods live at the games in Madison. He was rollin’, his coach had him ready.

  14. Clair says:

    5:43/3+8 rxd
    Congratulations to all the new Black and Green Shirt athletes!!

  15. Tyler Canoles says:

    Part one- 5:06
    Part two-4+27 RX

  16. Jason Morgan says:

    A. 3:36
    B. 4+4 Rx

  17. Eugene M. says:

    Congrats to all!
    A) 4:08
    B) 21:25 Rx

  18. Nathaniel says:

    A1. 3:14 rx

    A2. 16:11 rx

  19. Bailey says:

    A1: 3:20 RX (PR from 2019 (3:31)
    A2: 15:26 RX (PR from 2019 (15:36)

  20. Mandee says:

    A1: 3:33 RX
    A2: 16:36 RX

  21. Misty says:

    Dang, those are some good looking athletes! Everyone showed up and showed out! It was super impressive to see the work put in prior to this event by each and every athlete! Their focus and concentration on each movement was spot on. I’m proud of every athlete who showed up and gave it a go. Everyone earned my respect and all of these athletes did an amazing job representing themselves and CrossFit Huntsville!

  22. Misty says:

    A. 4:38 rx
    B. 4+10 rx

  23. Bradley says:

    3:07/19:30 Rx

  24. Lupo says:


    17:59 rx

  25. steve price says:

    A. 4:38 Rx