Wednesday, December 4 2013

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A. OHS 10 – 10 – 10 – 10 – 10 – 10  E3MOM

B. 12 minute AMRAP proceeding through the sequence of:

20 snatch (power or squat) 75/45

20 snatch (power or squat) 95/65

15 snatch (power or squat) 115/80

15 snatch (power or squat) 135/95

10 snatch (power or squat) 155/105

10 snatch (power or squat) 175/115

5 snatch (power or squat) 185/125

5 snatch (power or squat) 205/130

2 snatch (power or squat) 215/135

*athlete responsible for changing out weights*


55 and over men and women:

start with 20 snatch (power or squat) 55/35, then proceed with sequence above


CFHSV Running & Endurance  ROWING WOD:

A. 7 x 1:00 / 0:30 easy

B. 7 x 500m / 1:30 easy

meet at CFHSV at 6pm

20 responses to “Wednesday, December 4 2013”

  1. Mac says:


  2. Haley says:

    Nice picture David!!, looking strong

  3. Casey says:

    Throwing that weight up like it’s nothing with Aaron’s…no wait…your weight lifting shoes:-)

  4. steve price says:

    David, with that great combination of strength, speed, and an engine that won’t quit!!

  5. Brittnie says:

    CrossFit Huntsville I would like to invite you to come celebrate my graduation with me. I am having a graduation party December 7th at 7pm (that’s this Saturday) Sorry for the short notice yall. It will be at Amendment XXI. Please let me know if you think you will come as soon as possible. My number is (256)975-0865. Thank y’all!!!!

  6. AP says:

    A. 75-95-115-120(8)-120(9)
    B. Rx’d 55 reps

  7. paul mc hamner says:

    nice picture david!!
    I see you back there Ron

  8. Nathaniel says:

    71 reps rx

    That dude is one in a McMillion. Nice form and pic

  9. Clair says:

    55 reps Rx’d. Thanks Nathaniel for the coaching! I was pretty excited to get through all the 80# Snatches!

  10. Felicia says:

    8:15 class was amazing! Thank you Mandee for the coaching! I was a little nervous at first with ALl eyes on just me, but having your pointers, counting, and encouragement left little for me to think about, and I could just “do”!

    And worked on form and technique with the OHS only got up to 50# and a few on my toes 🙂 but otherwise, everything felt great!

    A- 35 – 40 – 45 – 45 – 50

    B- RX’d 67 reps

  11. John H says:

    73 reps Rx.
    Looking strong David!

  12. mac says:

    A. 75-135-185(8)-185(8)-185
    B. Rx’d 88 reps Thanks again for the help Steve!

  13. steve price says:

    70 reps Rx’d

  14. Adam Campbell says:

    60 rx

  15. Larry says:

    Crossfit Woodbridge (my home gym away from home)

    Lot’s of snatch warm up drills

    10 min AMRAP
    3 full snatch at 165 (I scaled to 135)
    8 pullups
    15 squats
    = 5 rounds

    sneaky combo – the pullups take away the lats which are needed for proper pull and the squats just jack up the heart rate. They only had 2 in their gym go at the rx weight. That is heavy!

  16. Andrew says:

    A. 75-115-155-155-155(9)
    B. 74rx’d

  17. David M. says:

    Thanks everyone and nice work today.
    70 Rx’ed

  18. Justin says:


  19. Jamie yells a lot says: