Wednesday, February 17 2021

Posted by Mandee on February 16, 2021   |   21 Comments



15 min achieve a 10 rep max Overhead Squats

3 Rounds For Time: (18min cap)
5 Overhead Squats   115/75   RX+155/105   MRX 75/55

4 Overhead Lunges (alt ft)
3 Front Squats
2 Front Rack Lunges (alt ft)
14 Toes to Bar
600m Run/Row or 1.5km Assault Bike

Core & Overhead Squat Development

14 Kettlebell Dead Snatch (each arm)
28 Barbell or PVC Sotts Press (snatch grip)

14 Evil Wheels
28 Double Kettlebell Overhead Reverse Lunges alt legs

21 responses to “Wednesday, February 17 2021”

  1. Nathaniel says:

    Keith Sweat lookin good! Keith is a top notch dude that brings great energy and camaraderie to any class he attends. He’s got a great attitude and goes about his business the right way. He’s been smart and worked hard since joining CFHSV and it’s paying off. Keith is the man! Keep it up stud!

  2. Hobie says:

    Keith! Great addition to the 7AM mafia. Freakishly strong! And always brings a laugh when his phone alarm goes off during class on Mondays reminding him to put his ladder on his truck….

  3. Mandee says:

    Power, baby! That’s spot on when it comes to this dude. Keith is an experienced lifter with some serious strength, but he’s also a CrossFitter through and through. He’s incredibly likable, always friendly and easy to talk to. He’s been consistent and motivated since joining CFHSV, and we are so glad to have him as part of our community! Stay the course, stud, it’s paying off! ?

  4. Abby says:

    Always fun working out with Keith!! He is as strong as they come and always encouraging everyone! He’ll even write your scores down for you when Tabata kicks your butt. Keep it up Keith!

  5. Hal says:

    A. 135 x 10

    B. ? (tweaked hammy in 2nd rnd of lunges)

    C. Stretching

  6. BP says:

    Training with 185 Back Squat
    15:09 Scaled to 155# back squat and lunges

  7. CJ VK says:

    200 (10) / 14:18 rx+ (row)

  8. Jason Morgan says:

    A. 140

    B. 13:56 Rx

  9. Clair says:

    Power that’s it right there!! Love having Keith at CFHSV and part of our 7:00 a.m. crew! He brings not only his awesome strength to our community but a fun sense of humor too! Keep up the great work, Keith!
    A. 65#
    B. 16:23 scaled to 55#/row
    Thanks Misty and Brian! Cold morning for coaching!!

  10. Nathaniel says:

    A. 8 @165

    B. 15:33 rx+

  11. Chris N says:

    A) 185 (10)
    B) 15:53 Rx+

  12. Regina says:

    16:35 row, scaled to 65lbs

  13. Josh Kennedy says:

    A: 145(10), rested a bit then 155(10)
    B: ~ 18:10 Rx with run. Was coming in the door at 18min cutoff. That OH lunge was on the edge for me.
    C: Complete, Sotts press is my fave 🙁

  14. Bradley says:

    A. 210(10)

    B. 13:29 Rx+

    Keith is pure power. He is as strong as a bull. He will keep you laughing and has been a great addition to CFHSV. So glad you found us, stud!

  15. Mandee says:

    6 rounds of:
    12 KB squats
    10 R arm KB snatch
    8 OH KB lunges
    28 sit-ups
    1.5k bike
    31:47 @ 16kg

  16. B. A. says:

    A. 10@165. then 9@185
    B. 14:26 RX row

  17. Justin says:

    17:19 scaled to 135 back squats and front squat

  18. Duke says:


  19. JJ Millich says:

    A: 95(5)-115(5)-135(10)
    B: 13:21, RX @115# w/Bike

  20. Bailey says:

    A. 125(10)
    B. 13:29 rx+ (row)