Wednesday, January 23 2013

Posted by Mandee on January 22, 2013   |   22 Comments



A. Back Squat: In 3 sets, build up to a 15 Rep Max E3MOM

B. For time:


power clean 135/95


C. Complete 20 evil wheels

22 responses to “Wednesday, January 23 2013”

  1. Mac says:

    Nice form Bradley!

  2. AP says:

    165/6:52 (scaled to 115)

    This one has a nice burn to it, with hints of Fran cough. Highly recommended.

  3. Don says:

    Three sets of 15 rep max is a recipe for 3-4 days of extreme pain in the quads and hams. Similar to last Wednesday’s WOD. I have just barely recovered.

  4. Larry says:

    175/9:00 RX

    Smoker WOD! Lesha and Misty rocked the WOD the morning!

  5. Clair says:

    95/5:55, scaled weight to 65#. I need to work on technique and taking advice from Ryan Penton to “own that weight” then move up. Great WOD and coaching from DB. This is a lung burner! Got my “FRAN” cough going on now!
    Awesome job by Mandee! Amazing!

  6. meag says:

    A. 100 still feeling the squats from BBOLC on Sunday!

    B. 9:19 rx

  7. meghan hearts burpees says:

    A. 120#
    B: 9:44 rx’d

    Fun WOD. Thanks for the outstanding coaching, DB!

  8. Mandee says:

    A. avoiding squats due to unideal baby positioning 🙂 …subbed DB weighted step ups instead
    20″, 20# DB, 3 x 15
    B. 8:56 rx’d

  9. Sonya Wintzell says:

    Any newbies going tonight? Please don’t let me be the only one at 5:30 AGAIN!

    • Tracey says:

      Sonya, Leave them in the dust, holding their water bottles and waiting for the work out that LOOKS easy. You are ready to start your journey!!!!!

  10. haley says:

    A: 275
    B 5:27 rx

    good programming challenging workout!

  11. Daniel Stearns says:

    a. 165
    b. 7:10 rx’d

  12. David M. says:

    Wow Mac!…6:28 Rx’ed.

  13. Nathaniel says:

    A. 200

    B. 6:12 rx

  14. Kerri says:

    A) 165
    B) 6:12 Rx’ed-Burpees are STILL the suck!!

  15. Haley says:

    confused about some beast named Haley 😉

    9:17 RX’ed
    Thanks for the competion Tracy!!!

  16. Patrick says:

    It took me the entire WOD to warm up to work sets…
    A. 135(2) 185(2) 225(2) 275(5) 185(15) and time was up.
    B. Rx’d 8:20ish, each power clean dropped and reset properly, concentrating on finishing the 2nd pull with full hip extension.

  17. Eric Hedges says:

    A. 225/245/255×13
    B. 8:07 RX
    Burpees are still my nemesis!