Wednesday, January 9 2019

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Athletes Choice In 10min Achieve a Max Set of:

Unbroken Muscle-Ups (bar or ring) OR Achieve a 1 RM Weighted Pull-Up OR Spend 10min working on Muscle-Ups

The Australian CrossFit Championship Online Qualifier WOD 4

For Time/15min AMRAP:

**Note it was an 11min cap for qualifier**

Part A:

For time;

50 Handstand Push-Ups
50 Pull-Ups
50 Toes to Bar
50 WallBalls   20/14lbs 10ft Target Male & Female   MRX 20/10lbs to 9ft

Part B:

In remaining time;

Max Calorie Row or Assault Bike

15 responses to “Wednesday, January 9 2019”

  1. Matt says:

    That dude is bad to the bone!

  2. Mandee says:

    Rick Black repping it out, moving weight and looking good doing it! This guy is friendly, pleasant, and a super hard worker who brightens our mornings at CFHSV. Keep it up, Rick! ?

  3. Nathaniel says:

    Slick Rick movin weight and pushing himself to stay fit. Can’t beat it. Ricks a great guy and it’s always a good day at CFHSV when he shows up with his pregame coffee ready to throw down. Keep sippin and reppin buddy!

  4. @Cj.vk says:

    A. Warm up/Goof off
    B. 232 rx

  5. Nathaniel says:

    A. 12 ring muscle ups unbroken

    B. 262 rx

  6. Eugene M says:

    A: 12 MUs unbroken (rings)
    B: 225 Rx

  7. Sam W says:

    B: 202 Rx

  8. Paul McCrary says:


  9. Melissa D says:

    2 RMUs
    216 rx

  10. Justin says:

    243 rx bike

  11. Wesley Branch says:

    A. 20 unbroken BMU’S
    B. 203 scaled (20 HSPU/30 hand release)

  12. Mandee says:

    A. Training
    B. 233 RX

  13. Bradley says:

    259 Rx Row

  14. mac says:


    260 rx row

  15. Jeremy Millich says:

    8:15pm Garage:
    A: Tomorrow’s, 1/10/19 Snatch Work –
    PowerSnatch – 95(6)-105(4)-115(2)
    SquatSnatch – 115(4)-125(3)-135(2)
    HangPS – 135(3)-155(2)-170(1)
    HangSS – 135/145, then 155(1)-170(1)-185(1)
    B: “New Year’s Eve Nightmare 2” – from 12/31/2018
    15:42, @95#s, modified/scaled (all RX, but HSPUs)
    – Modified to PushPress. No HSPU station at house.