Wednesday, September 15 2021

Posted by Mandee on September 14, 2021   |   17 Comments



12min Build-up to a Max Thruster

For Time: (25min cap)

210 Double Unders

21 Thrusters   95/65   RX+115/75   MRX 75/55lbs

21 Toes to Bar or 21 Wallball Sit-ups   20/14   MRX 20/10lbs

150 Double Unders
15 Thrusters

15 Toes to Bar or 15 Wallball Sit-ups

90 Double Unders
9 Thrusters
9 Toes to Bar or 9 Wallball Sit-ups

Core, Guns & Grip Development

100m Plate Pinch Carry
20 Plate Hammer Curls
100m KB Heavy Farmer’s Carry

20 Double KB/DB Curls
1min Bar Hang
20 Plate Hammer Curls

17 responses to “Wednesday, September 15 2021”

  1. Coop says:

    I know normally you guys take pictures of people working out at the gym but I’m pretty sure this is from a movie. That’s badass Bill getting out of his awesome truck going to go beat some people with that bell. Pretty sure that’s what’s happening.

  2. Nathaniel says:

    Billy the Beast doin what he does. Bill is a total phenom and possesses the strength of many men and women combined. When he flashes that side grin you better watch out. He loves a challenge and he loves pushing himself to his limit. That’s part what what makes him a special athlete. He’s been great since joining CFHSV and always fun to watch or chase him in a WOD or on the track. You bad dude!

  3. CJ VK says:

    Aquaman and the Prospector, bofum too rough.

  4. Mandee says:

    Bill is a total stud with super human strength and more muscles than any one man needs ? This guy is quiet and unassuming but where it’s time to go, he can GO! He can outrun almost anybody, move weight with ease, and hang onto a kettle bell longer than anyone in the gym. He’s easy to be around and great to have in any class. You rock, Bill! Keep it up! ?

  5. Hal says:

    Don’t let that barbell talk back to you. Thanks Bailee and Misty.

    A. 205 pr

    B. 21:43 rx+ (t2b)

    C. Complete

  6. Justin says:

    19:30 rx t2b

  7. BP says:

    20:21 RX WBS

  8. CJ VK says:

    205 (89% of 1RM)
    18:30 rx+

  9. Bailey says:

    A. 170
    B. 10:51 rx+ (t2b)

  10. Misty says:

    Bill! This dude picked up that kettlebell, put his head down and walked that red line like it was his job! This guy is tough and I believe he could have walked that red line again and never set it down! So much fun to watch this guy throw down. He’s tough, strong, competitive and just an all around great athlete! Bill, keep showing us how it’s done!

  11. Bailey says:

    Bill making that 70# kettlebell look like NOTHING! He is so strong, but don’t let him fool ya cause he is fast as lighting too! He is committed and works hard every time he steps into the gym, keep it up Bill!

  12. Jason Morgan says:

    A. 185
    B. 16:36 Rx (T2B)

  13. Bradley says:


    10:31 Rx+ T2B

  14. Kim G says:

    24:20 rx (t2b)

  15. Alex says:

    15:08 Rx+ (TTB)

  16. Mandee says:

    A. 150
    B. 12:01 RX+ T2B